11/10/2015: Miscellany Mélange Part II

In addition to Antoine providing full archives for the two Reading Magic titles, he's now hacked both Flodd the Bad Guy and Jack and the Beanstalk to be hard drive installable! Yes! The individual 2image archives now include the hard drive patches, but you can also enjoy them on the pre-loaded Reading, Writing and Mathematics 32meg volume I've prepared.

If you haven't seen any of my previous news posts about it before, I'm rather keen on getting all IIGS software running from a hard drive or any large ProDOS volume from some of the more modern solid state drive solutions. This is simply so anyone with any sort of mass storage device can run their IIGS software much faster than if it was running from a floppy drive and much more conveniently in terms of speed and avoiding disk swapping.

While IIGS users prize having an accelerator like the Transwarp GS or ZipGS, the most efficient way of speeding up your IIGS is to use some form of mass storage, like an IDE or SCSI based harddrive, or better yet, a solid state drive solution like the CFFA3000 or MicroDrive/MDTurbo.

If you've got a hard drive installed version of a game, app or educational program we don't have on archive, we'd love to hear from you.

Antoine's also recently obtained a boxed rare French IIGS title - Atlas2000. I'd seen this listed here and there over the years and was always puzzled by what it was, but as it turns out this is the original French language title for what eventually got released much later as GeoQuiz in the U.S. in English. So now English and French speaking users can test their geographic knowledge thanks to archives of both Atlas 2000 and GeoQuiz. Checking my own archives, I found a development version, v0.4, and have added that to the 2image archive for this title.

Andrew Roughan noticed that Clip Art Gallery didn't include it's manual/guide, so submitted a scan of his copy. What I failed to notice was that Antoine had submitted this at the beginning of the year and it escaped my attention! In the end, I've uploaded Antoine's version of the scan - the blacks are solid from the original black and white manual, so it's better quality. Apologies to both Andrew and Antoine!

Tracy Burton wrote in to share in the discovery of what the box to Cryllan Mission 2088: Second Scenario looks like.

It's on the Museum of Computer Adventure Game History, along with an addendum to the game. It states that it's an entirely new game, despite the artwork for the box and disk labels being re-used from the original Cryllan Mission 2088 release. However, the Second Scenario box does include a sticker specifying that it's an all new game, so the thumbnail and high-res image included on What is the Apple IIGS? now includes that.

And that's also reminded me that Jesse Blue, of Ninja Force, let me know about this at the beginning of the year. Oh my non-functioning baby brain! Speaking of Jesse Blue, he's asked when we'll see Kaboom! make an appearance on What is the Apple IIGS? Soon, but I've run out of time for updates this week. Stay tuned.

Oh, and got an Apple Watch? Blake Patterson might have just found a killer app for it, if you're a IIGS fan at least ;-)