06/10/2015: Miscellany Mélange

This is a long overdue collection of updates and I apologise to everyone who's submitted these additions that it's taken this long to get them onto the site.

Firstly, Andrew Roughan has submitted the following hardware scans:

GGLabs 4meg RAM Card, Carte Blanche II and the Carte Blanche I. That's made me realise I needed to create an entry for the GGLabs 8meg card as well, so if anyone has that, feel free to scan it and submit it to include in this archive.

Andrew's also provided manual cover images (in lieu of there being hard box packages to scan) for Disk Access, Spectrum, (Brendan Bellina sent them only days after Andrew submitted them) as well as the Land of the Unicorn box scan, manual and disk labels.

Herbert Fung's submitted some rare hardware manuals - TransDrive (PC Transporter), and for the Conserver (MDIdeas version).

Never ceasing to further the cause of the Apple II, Antoine Vignau has submitted cracked disk images of the 8-bit titles released on 3.5" disk Reading and Writing with the Boars and Magic Slate II.

Antoine's also managed to procure, via eBay, very rare fully boxed versions of both Reading Magic titles by Tom Snyder Productions - Flodd the Bad Guy and Jack and the Beanstalk, from which he's scanned the box art, disk labels and the manual for all of us to enjoy. Additionally, he's also scanned the IIGS specific version of Reading and Me, to substitute the 8-bit version of the box art.

Not only that, Antoine has also completely archived Grapholie by Créalude, a clip-art collection sold only in France, as well as version 1.1 of Show Off (although there was no amendment to the manual in the box related to v1.1, so it's unsure what exactly has been updated - the only thing I've noticed is you can now format disks from the File menu, but I'm sure there are other improvements). As an encore, Antoine's also found and made a disk image of the Music Construction Set Player Demo, which basically works as a jukebox for Music Construction Set tracks - feel free to play around with creating your own mix ‘disk' with this to autoplay some tunes on your IIGS. It's now included in the 2image archive for that title.

François Michaud has been able to submit a disk image for Mini Paint from Gem Software, which eventually evolved into Platinum Paint, quite possibly the best 16 colour paint program for the IIGS. Mini Paint has been included as a 2image archive with the Platinum Paint disk images.

Kyle Wadsten, author of ProbeGS, let me know there was no official box for the sector editing application, so on his suggestion, I've used the front cover of the manual to use as a box scan.

Wade Clarke has submitted a scan of the Origin 8-bit game with 3.5" disk release 2400AD and Andrew Roughan has submitted a scan of the manual.

Frank Rossi has seen the recent interest in Space Ace and the other Readysoft games and recently found the Amiga version of Dragon's Lair II: Timewarp at a video gaming convention for $2! He's submitted a scan of the front of the box.

I got round to scanning my CFFA3000 and included a mini review - not the full blown review I've always planned to do, but I just haven't had the time. That reminds me - if you're interested in the CFFA3000 (and you should be if you have a IIGS or IIe) be sure to get your name down to reserve a card in the next production run happening in November!

And that's it for the time being...but there's still more to come, and as always, you can be a part of it. Stay tuned.