12/01/2016: Monte Carlo – now playing from System 6 and a Hard Drive Near You

Antoine's been doing overtime with a series new cracks from the originals of IIGS software that he has...which we'll be collecting on the site.

But in the meantime, here's not only a fresh crack for Monte Carlo, the 1987 casino simulation from PBI Software, but now it finally works from System 6, as well as a hard drive (although Antoine says it always worked from a large volume, although I never managed it from the previous crack still held in the archive). Antoine's disassembled the program with the Flaming Bird Disassembler, tweaked the code, and re-assembled with Merlin 32.

You can download the individual archive from the Monte Carlo page, or enjoy it from the  Adventure and Simulation Games 32meg archive, complete with customised icon. You can always copy this version to your own hard drive image if you wish.

Hopefully Antoine can give this treatment to other titles, if the disassembled code isn't too messy to put back together again.