27/07/2014: More 8-bit 3.5" Disk Additions – Math & Me, Stickybear Spellgrabber and Battletech

As I write this, KansasFest 2014 is still progressing and as always, I'm jealous I can't be in attendence thanks to the tyranny of distance!

But as some small consolation, I can add some newly acquired 8-bit software on 3.5" disk images - Math and Me (which I purchased on eBay myself through vendor Vintage Software and More) and Stickybear Spellgrabber. Both have been cracked by Antoine, and by chance, Antoine was particularly delighted with Stickybear Spellgrabber, as it uses the same gaming engine to one of his favourite 8-bit games, 'Run For It'.

With the inclusion of a fully working 3.5" disk image of Math and Me, I believe the only remaining double hi-res Davidson title left to archive is Word Attack Plus! French If anyone has a 3.5" disk image of it, cracked or otherwise, it would be great to complete the archive of the most recent Apple II Davidson educational titles.

Also included is a 3.5" disk image of the mech based RPG Battletech by Infocom, thanks to Mario Patino, who noticed the game had an install option to 3.5" disk from the original 5.25" disks. Mario's also scanned in the necessary documentation for word lookup protection in the game.

Speaking of Infocom, Antoine has completed scans of all the documentation that came with the Lost Treasures of Infocom with the addition of the hint book. Think of this manual collection as a one stop shop for all of Infocom's interactive fiction titles, even if you don't intend on playing a Lost Treasures edition of certain Infocom games - all manuals, maps and hintbooks are now at your disposal.