14/11/2016: More 8-bit on 3.5" Disk Software Added and Just in Time for Christmas

Antoine has procured even more never before archived titles:

Wordbench - an 8-bit comprehensive word processor by Addison Wesley that came on 2 3.5" disks (as well as multiple 5.25" in the same package).

Computeach's Studymate - a nifty way to create tests for students and record their results.

Keymath Assist - another in the series of 'Guess What This Software Even Does'. It's on a nice single 800k image at least!

Cannoli Computer Graphics' Christmas Time, another Toy Shop / Hometown USA / Paper Models the Christmas Kit style set of graphics that you can print from almost any paint program, fold and put together for Christmas themed paper toys.

Additionally, Antoine has been able to provide scans of boxes for Wordbench and Mickey's Crossword Puzzle Maker. Mickey's Crossword Puzzle Maker also has the advantage of full documentation scans! 

I've also got to recognise that Antoine's taken scans of ALL of the disk labels for these titles (as well as Springboard's GSNumerics and Orange Cherry's Newspaper Maker)  - I've yet to develop a method of including them under a new field on What is the Apple IIGS?, but they should be available one day. Thanks again Antoine - the hardest working person dedicated to the preservation AND future of the Apple II.