24/08/2014: More IIGS Educational Software from Orange Cherry and Unicorn Now Archived

Thanks to Petar Puskarich and his recovery of archives he made back in the mid '90s, we've got some new 2image additions to What is the Apple IIGS? – some of which I've been hoping to find for many years.

The first is Math Story Problems, an Orange Cherry title that for once, didn't talk and seems to be better off for it, as there's much more depth to the program than most of their other programs. It's graphically less rich as well, but it really does give kids a lot of chances to get on top of mathematic related problems.

The next Orange Cherry title is Computer Video Reader: World of Nature - Reading About Animals (which is included in one archive with the rest of the other titles in this series). This only leaves 'Reading About Sharks' left to complete this collection. If anyone has that as a disk image, please submit it to the archive here.

The only other Orange Cherry title to be archived is Talking Academic Quiz Kid - if anyone has that as a disk image (or a complete packaged product) please feel free to submit it. It may have been the very last IIGS program Orange Cherry released and their later software was very well produced.

Last but certainly not least, is Logic Master, by Unicorn Software. This involves both mathematic and reading comprehension which challenges students to multiple choice questions, but that's only the training phase. When you're ready, you can enter a dungeon, fight monsters, open treasure chests by correctly answering questions and then finding the treasure hoarding dragon and answering its questions. Only then will you win the game.

At 1990, this is the latest Unicorn release discovered so far. According to one of their catalogues, there MAY be more IIGS specific titles that were released: Phonics Fun, Fraction Action, Decimal Dungeon, Percentage Panic, Ghostly Grammar, but no other evidence has been found that they were released for the IIGS (appearing in mail order catalogues in magazines back in the day). There are Amiga versions of each of these programs, so it's possible IIGS versions were either released in limited quantities, or at the very least, considered for conversion to the IIGS. If anyone knows anything more about these titles, be sure to write in.

And as usual, if you've got fully boxed versions of any these programs, please scan the box, manual and disk labels if you can.