16/06/2011: More Lost Software Found! Playwrite: The Talking Puppets

Good news everybody!

We now have another piece of IIGS software that I found out about in the last 12 months for which we now have a working archive!

Playwrite: The Talking Puppets is a sequel of sorts to Cartooners, the animation program specifically for kids. Talking Puppets allows kids as well as the young at heart to create talking dialogue between two characters, setting the scene, costumes and even the tone and pitch of the actors' voices! It's always great finding 'new' software like this, especially when you've got another reason to show off some educational software to the youngins.

Thanks go to John Liska and Antoine Vignau (even though no cracking was required this time!) for this rare find. There are still other educational software titles the archive does not yet hold, so be sure to check this list and see if you can help.