19/01/2016: More Manuals and That's How You Finish Ancient Glory

To my surprise, I came across the fully packaged 5.25" disk editions of original Math Blaster and Spell It amongst my retro collection in storage in the old family home. I've scanned the boxes and the manuals for each of them, making them complete archives thanks to the 3.5" disk cracks provided by Antoine and 4am.

Additionally, I came across my manual for 816 Paint (adding to Andrew Roughan's earlier contribution of the 816 Teacher's Guide) and Renegade (the 8-bit version on 3.5" disk - if you know anything about the unreleased IIGS version, be sure to write in) and I've included them on the site as well.

Last but not least, fellow Australian McCaw has provided a complete walkthrough of the IIGS only game Ancient Glory. I've never managed to complete the game myself, finding it frustrating about the trial and error you have to endure to get anywhere near the end. In my case, seeing this made me realise that I could get a spear from Stymphalus and use that as a weapon against the horned underwater demi-god...I've said too much. Enjoy, but be prepared for some classic Australian colourful language ;-)