11/05/2014: More Manuals for Hardware and Software!

Andrew Roughan has been able to scan a whole bunch of rare manuals and submit them to the site. We've got new documentation for hardware OctoRAM and the Supersonic Stereo Card and Digitiser, as well as the manual to educational program MathTalk, TypeWest True Type fonts, and last but not least, the assembler Merlin 16+.

David Wilson has also chipped in with manuals for the Cirtech SCSI Interface Card and the InSyder Controller Card. Thanks guys!

Now, I've created a new archive for TypeWest, removing it from the Pointless archive. In the process, I've updated the Pointless archive to now allow you to download the 2image archive for the software. I've also updated the archives for Harmonie, InWords, TypeSet and Ultima I to now allow you to download the 2image disk archives given it's been over 4 years now since Joe Kohn, the rights holder for this software, passed away. No one else has arranged licensing for these wares since, so let's call them Abandonware until someone secures the rights for them. They'll circulate around the Net in the meantime from this site, which is as good as any means to ensure these titles won't be lost forever.