20/04/2010: More Manuals, KEGS the Basis for New GSport Emulator and Catan

Antoine Vignau has volunteered yet more manuals for games, educational software and applications:

Pipe Dream (the reference card), Foundation v1.02 and Genesys (both resource editing apps), The Graphics Supermarket, The Graphics Exchange, Cavern Cobra, Visualizer and SmoothTalker.

Additionally, Antoine has provided rare French documentation to Seven Hills Software titles The Manager, Kangaroo, Express and Transprog III. Speaking of Seven Hills titles, if you have the latest versions of the Manager (beyond version 1.0), Kangaroo (beyond version 1.3) and Transprog III (beyond version 1.1) I'd love to hear from you.

As Antoine provides more documentation, so do I, delving into my IIGS educational software with classics Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego as well as GeoPuzzle USA.

In other news, development of KEGS has split off into another project on Sourceforge - GSport. Quite a few people have expressed interest in extending KEGS beyond v0.91, which hasn't been updated for a few years. Initial features being developed in GSport are Ethernet/Uthernet and printing support.

Speaking of Sourceforge, I found a project there for a 'port' of Catan (it's a popular European board game) to the IIGS called gsSettlers back in 2009. I tried contacting the founder of the project at the time, but got no reply. Sounds like a great idea for a game, so if anyone can provide further news on this project, it would be appreciated.