13/04/2011: More Manuals! NiftySpell New Desk Accessory now freeware!

Antoine Vignau continues with scans of all the manuals he has to hand:

DeskPak, Jam Session, Pointless, Salvation Supreme, TML Pascal (for Complete Pascal - I hope the documentation doesn't vary too wildly between the early and later versions) and Word Perfect. If you've got more up to date documentation for Complete Pascal v2.0, or any other manuals not currently on the site please refer to this list and submit them.

In a nice surprise to the Apple II community, Ewen Wannop, IIGS communications software developer extraordinaire, has released the NiftySpell New Desk Accessory as freeware. The new package got started when Chris Vavruska, the original author of NiftySpell, asked if support could be included for Ewen's SAM2 Email client for the IIGS. After discovering incompatibilities with SAM2, Ewen disassembled NiftySpell, its source code long lost, fixed the bugs and then released a public domain version that's now better than ever.

From Ewen's site, he's also recently released the HTML Tool Set, a programming library that programmers can use as the engine for a IIGS web browser...interesting! Maybe a IIGS web browser might look something like this?