19/06/2013: More Manuals – Out of this World, Kaleidokubes, Maps! Maps! Maps!, Thunderscan Read Me First and the ProTERM 3 box for good measure

Antoine's dug even deeper and found some more manuals previously unarchived: Kaleidokubes (which reveals there's a version 2 – which I've now updated for the 2image archive and the Board games 32meg volume), Maps! Maps! Maps! and a Read Me First file for Thunderscan (which my Thunderscan manuals were missing). Brian Picchi also chipped in with the IIGS reference card for Out of This World.

Antoine's also scanned the package for ProTERM and I've moved this title from the Communications category and moved it into the 8-bit Apps on 3.5" disk genre; a more accurate place for it to be archived. In the same vein, I've moved Strategic Conquest from Board games to 8-bit Games on 3.5" disk. I also realised Arnaud Brossard had scanned the manual for this title quite some time ago when we exchanged our archives back in 2009, so that's included with that title now.

And now for something completely different: how about some art made on the IIGS back in its heyday? An eBay vendor is selling some John Byrnes Cachets (the previous name of an artist now known more by 'Onedog Cachets') that were created on the IIGS and printed from an Image Writer II back in the late '80s. Some examples 1, 2, 3.

I personally don't think the art is good for art's sake, nor does it come close to being good pixel art. The worst is still to come: can an artist call themself that if they use clip art (from Clip Art Gallery by the looks of it) if you check out this example?