02/08/2013: More OzKFest Goodies

Here are some more post OzKFest goodies: Andrew Roughan suggested I include third party toolsets on the System Add-ons volume (originally featured in my ‘System Extensions...' blog). I assembled all I could find, including Andrew's own Crypto toolset (tool number 129), as well as Geoff Weiss's HashTool (128), as well as the SoundSmith and NoiseTracker tools (219 and 220 respectively), along with Clay's Music Tool (which will enable playback of Music Studio, SoundSmith and SynthLab) as well as some tools to render animation, including Pegasoft's DrawTools (Tool 98) and Parik Rao's FastAnim tool. Now also includes Ewen Wannop's HTML Tool and Tim Meekins' ZPack tools, which I previously missed but Andrew took into account.

Collecting these toolsets has meant finding some space on the System Add-ons 32 meg volume, so I've moved the Font Utilities and Icon Editors folders onto the Audio & Utilities volume, in the ‘SW.Utils' folder. That's now meant there's not enough space on the Audio & Utilities volume, so I've moved some folders from that to a completely new volume called Graphics and Animation. This volume now has all the graphic viewers (including those for the Second Sight card) to view images and animation, as well as the extra modules to screen savers Twilight II and Phantasm. The new images also includes loads of classic super hi-res graphics and animation, as well as the 3 Pixel Joint slideshows in one mega slideshow.

I would have liked to have converted all the imagery to the Apple Preferred format which offers decent compression and maximum compatibility across viewers and paint programs, although I was tiring of having to manually re-save from other formats...does anyone know if there's any way to batch convert on the IIGS? Brutal Deluxe's ‘Convert to DG' utiility (included) converts Dream Grafix format in batches, but is it possible to convert existing imagery to Apple Preferred automatically?

In short, download the 2 revised 32 meg volumes (System Add-ons and Audio & Utilities) as well as the new Graphics and Animation 32 meg volume so you're up to date with what's been available before and getting access to some new content.

Going through the disks i've got on loan from Willie Yeo, I've come across specific software for the Applied Engineering internal modem, the DataLink. Get ready to fire up your time machine so you can log back into some BBS action!

Andrew Roughan's also got his photos up from OzKFest on Flickr!

Additionally, Andrew's put some videos from OzKFest on YouTube, where we quite possibly broke the world record for the biggest number of monitors hooked up to a single Apple IIGS:

Apple IIGS Driving 7 Displays

Apple IIGS displaying 3200 mode on multiple displays

Apple IIGS displaying DHGR & HGR graphics on Carte Blanche and SecondSight

Apple IIGS Carte Blanche demo with HDMI output in 320x200 mode

Apple IIGS driving 8 displays

Speaking of YouTube the Every Apple Ads channel has been very busy lately. So busy, in fact, that they've even slipped through some IIGS TV commercials from the mid-to-late ‘80s in between all the Mac adverts. Some of them I haven't seen before now and chances are if you have seen them it would have been when they were broadcast between episodes of Family Ties and the Cosby Show.

Apple II ad feat. Andrea Barber (Full House) - Never Put Off Until Tomorrow (1987)

Apple II ad featuring Jenifer Graham - Frog (1987)

Apple IIgs ad - Share (1987)

Apple IIgs ad - Experts (1986)

Apple IIgs ad - Dual Mind (1986) - This has been doing the rounds for a while now from an old postage stamp size QuickTime movie, but this is higher quality (albeit from VHS!)

The Making of Apple's IIgs "Dual Mind" ad (1986) - This is the icing on the cake. A very rare insight into how this TVC was made. Great concept and even more amazing execution!