21/11/2015: Music Construction Set - Classical Music Data Disk Added

Blake Patterson asked on the Apple II Enthusiasts Facebook group whether any more Music Construction Set disks were made available by Electronic Arts and Garrett Meiers has been able to image the EA official Classical Music data disk for MCS. All tracks were sequenced by Doug Fulton, who also provided the tracks that came on the program disk (not to mention having written the music for Zany Golf and The Immortal). The Classical Music disk has been added to the archive along with other recent additions of music by François Labelle, provided by Mitch Spector, and the Player Demo Disk, provided by Antoine Vignau. Question is - are there any other official EA released MSC data disks not on archive yet? Or does anyone else have more tracks from other sources, like Public Domain Exchange? Check with everything that's now included in the MCS .zip archive and write in if you think you have more!