23/04/2017: My Paint v2.0 Archived with a new Art Disk

Thanks to François Michaud imaging his original rare copy of My Paint v2.0, we now have a working archive of this newer version that sports an updated interface and compatibility with the EdMark Touch Window (which makes this and HyperStudio the only IIGS specific titles that I can think of that take specific advantage of this hardware).

What I also thought was a new feature, but turns out the earlier v1.0 does as well, is when you hold down the open-apple key and click on the Disk (v1.0) or Book (v2.0) icon you can specify which art disk you'd like to access – which can be specifed for both the individual 3.5" floppes or if you copy it all to a large ProDOS volume (which I have, in an updated edition of the Science, Social Studies, Kids Creative, Computer Skills educational 32 meg image).


My Paint v2.0


That reminded me - I hadn't actually archived the art disk that came free with my original copy of My Paint v1.0 – 'God Created the Dinosaurs'. I thought I'd forgotten, but upon reviewing it again recently, perhaps I'd not archived it on purpose. It includes images of people and dinosaurs co-habiting the Earth. If golf is the worst way to ruin a nice walk, then people and dinosaurs living together is the worst way of killing any buzz associated with my favourite 'terrible lizards'. To experience both v2.0 and the 'God Created the Dinosaurs' art disk, find the .zipped disk images on the archive page.

Be sure to download the reference card for all the features and use of v2.0 of My Paint that François had already previously scanned and supplied to the archive. Also of particular note – there are other art disks we don't have on archive. If anyone has 'Numbers, Shapes & Colors', 'Mother Goose Favorites' and 'Star Kids Characters' by all means submit them so they can be archived. It might be possible to take the data files from the Amiga versions of these if they're archived – the data files use Amiga native graphic file format .IFF.