04/04/2009: New Content Additions

I'm very pleased to say that, thanks to Brian Wiser, the InCider/A+ magazine cover collection is now complete with the additions of the March, May and July 1993 issues.

Also, in the same vein as publications, Marco Tronci has submitted scans for the books Exploring GS/OS and ProDOS 8 and Exploring the Apple IIGS, both by Garry Little, and Using Appleworks GS, by Douglas L. Brown. Not to be confused with Using Appleworks GS by Katherine Murray for Que Pub publishing, for which the archive still requires a scan.

Also, thanks to Bill Martens and the WTB Collection for the Twilight II manual scan.

Lastly, thanks to some purchases of my own, the archive now includes both a working disk image and cover scan to Geographic Jigsaw by Micro Eclat and also Symbolix (also known as GSymbolix and Eureka Symbolix) by Henrik Gudat of Bright Software.