03/05/2017: New Hardware Archives or It's the Best Time Ever to Buy a IIGS Sound Card

WITA2GS? now includes archives for new sound card products the 2soniq (offering stereo output) and 4soniq (offering surround output) by Manila Gear and the Dark Sound (providing stereo output and mono input) by the Byte Boosters.

It's also not a bad time to go for RAM as well - 4 and 8 meg RAM cards have never been more affordable, so small (leaving some nice breathing room for other expansion cards, not to mention airflow if you've got an accelerator) and requiring less power draw (also good if you've got a lot of expansion cards, especially accelerators). The Byte Boosters 4meg and 8meg Dark RAM have been included as memory card archives now.

The archive is still after high resolution high quality scans, or as time marches on and good quality flatbed scanners seem to be a thing of the past, high resolution photography with even light with no obvious shadows, of one sound card (the Parallax Sound Ace) and several RAM cards. If you can help out with images for these long sought after items, it would be greatly appreciated and credited.