02/01/2000: New Year Goodies

Lots of little goodies for the new year. Brutal Deluxe programmer, Antoine Vignau, has written a crack for Gold Rush, so playing the game no longer requires the manual! Antoine has also sent in two unreleased games: Passengers on the Wind and Le Manoir de Mortvielle.

Nicolas Bergeret has sent in a scan for Full Metal Planete, which I believe is from the IIGS version, which was actually released in France. Nick should know, because he did the graphics for the IIGS version!

Chris Klimas has typed up the manual for Final Assault, the mountaineering game that's had me stumped on how to play it for years.

Lastly, KEGS, the Apple IIGS emulator for Unix, Linux and OS/2 has been updated to version 0.57.