08/12/2013: Newly Archived Hardware & Drivers

As part of my archiving efforts amongst Tony Diaz's collection, I also came across some interesting hardware:

At last, I found not one but two Thunderware Lightning Scanners – I'd never seen them in the flesh before and they seem much rarer than Quickie scanners if eBay has been any judge over the years. So now we have complete scans of the Lightning Scanner itself, the interface card, the software drivers and the manual (which Antoine has been able to supply previously).

I also scanned in my own Quickie interface card, so the real hardware boffins out there can compare the difference between the makes of card for these hand-held scanners.

We've got quite a few new drivers for hardware cards too:

The VisionaryGS archive now contains a plethora of utility software with multiple versions to use with these cards to digitise video in.

For the Sonic Blaster, I've disk imaged v1.1 of the software to play, capture and edit audio with this Applied Engeineering card (the one I had back in the day!). I don't know what the .1 updates adds features or fixes, but it's nice to have both v1.0 and v1.1 in the archive now.

For the LANCeGS, we've got the complete drivers and utility disk. Handy if you're lucky to come across one of these rare ethernet cards for the IIGS.

We've also got a bunch of RAM card specific diagnostics and utlities programs, for the RAM-GS, the Cirtech Plus RAM, and the Orange Micro RAMPak. I don't know whether these utilities are mandatory for diagnostics of these specific cards (not having them to test), as other RAM checking programs are available, but they're here all the same. Some of these disk images include utilities other than just diagnostics, so if you have some of these rarer RAM cards, then they might just allow you to do that bit more with them.

Last but not least, I've also included the 640x400 graphics mode test with the Apple Video Overlay Card software. Apparently it includes a slideshow of images at the 640x400 graphics mode the VOC was capable of – have fun playing with it you lucky VOC owners!

If you'd like to download all these new drivers in one hit, simply download the Hardware 32meg ProDOS volume (also available from the home page at the bottom).

In other news, Brutal Deluxe have included new compression LZ4 algorithm in their Cross Tools Development Project, with some terrific results on how well LZ4 decompresses super fast on the IIGS, but offering very nicely compressed file sizes at the same time. The trick is most of the work is done at the compression stage of the process, which is fast anyway given that it occurs on the Windows side of things. 

Also, be sure to grab the latest update to Sweet 16, version 3.0.2 – it fixes the nasty crashing bug that almost always happened when you quit the emulator in OS X.