17/08/2009: News Roundup

Apologies for the lack updates, life has been very busy. I picked a bad time to not have time, because there's been lots of news:

Pre-KansasFest, the web browser based online Apple IIGS emulator Active X (based on KEGS) was updated by Olivier Goguel to support Intel based Macs! To compliment it, Bill Martens has implemented this new ability into Virtual Apple ][ so Intel based Mac users can relive the Apple II (and IIGS) via Safari or Firefox.

Already mentioned was that Sweet 16 v2.1 was released at KansasFest for PowerPC and Intel based Macs running Mac OS X 10.4.11 and higher, but now Sweet 16 v2.1.1 has superseded it, fixing many bugs and improving performance dramatically. Sheppy's created an online Sweet 16 Survey through which users can let him know what they'd like to see improved.

During Mt KeiraFest, Mike Stephenson released v1.0 of Colouring for the IIGS. I love this program: when it first came out in beta, the years seemed to go into reverse, back when the Apple II still reigned supreme for children's software. Great stuff and another reason why any IIGS should be kept so kids can explore our favourite computer too.

More recently, Brutal Deluxe have been working more of their magic to improving GS/OS. Not content with their accomplishments to add improved DOS 3.3, DOS 3.2 and rDOS File System Translators (FSTs) they've now made it possible to mount disk image archives on the System 6.0.1 desktop and behave like RAM disks.

Rich Dreher's deep in development for his CFFA3000 project, an expansion card that will add a virtual floppy drive to your original Apple II hardware and allow you to boot from disk images typically used by emulators. If you haven't already, pass on a message to Rich to show your interest...and why wouldn't you be interested when this single expansion card can replace all of your physical floppy disks and drives!

I love a good icon for Mac OS X and Pixel Press Icons has released some retro goodness in the form of their most recent creations covering vintage Apple hardware.

Last but not least, we've got some new content for the site: the 'Using Appleworks GS' book cover has been submitted to us by Thomas McLaren from DigitalDinos, which incidentally, has a good range of Apple II items on sale at prices cheaper than what you'll see on eBay. Clay Cummins has also pitched in and submitted a scan of the Digicard 4 meg RAM card.