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27/07/2014: More 8-bit 3.5" Disk Additions – Math & Me, Stickybear Spellgrabber and Battletech

As I write this, KansasFest 2014 is still progressing and as always, I'm jealous I can't be in attendence thanks to the tyranny of distance!

But as some small consolation, I can add some newly acquired 8-bit software on 3.5" disk images - Math and Me (which I purchased on eBay myself through vendor Vintage Software and More) and Stickybear Spellgrabber. Both have been cracked by Antoine, and by chance, Antoine was particularly delighted with Stickybear Spellgrabber, as it uses the same gaming engine to one of his favourite 8-bit games, 'Run For It'.

With the inclusion of a fully working 3.5" disk image of Math and Me, I believe the only remaining double hi-res Davidson title left to archive is Word Attack Plus! French If anyone has a 3.5" disk image of it, cracked or otherwise, it would be great to complete the archive of the most recent Apple II Davidson educational titles.

Also included is a 3.5" disk image of the mech based RPG Battletech by Infocom, thanks to Mario Patino, who noticed the game had an install option to 3.5" disk from the original 5.25" disks. Mario's also scanned in the necessary documentation for word lookup protection in the game.

Speaking of Infocom, Antoine has completed scans of all the documentation that came with the Lost Treasures of Infocom with the addition of the hint book. Think of this manual collection as a one stop shop for all of Infocom's interactive fiction titles, even if you don't intend on playing a Lost Treasures edition of certain Infocom games - all manuals, maps and hintbooks are now at your disposal.

20/07/2014: Control Finance Like It's 1995! Your Money Matters and Financial GeniuS archived!

Getting back to finally being able to properly archive some of the application software I found within Tony Diaz's collection, we have some more IIGS rarities to include.

Apart from Sierra's Smart Money (which I've been hunting for a box, disk label and manual scan forever - can anyone help there?), there were no IIGS specific programs that dealt with your personal finance...until some independant developers decided to step up to the plate. Your Money Matters is the first of these, completely utilising the standard Apple GUI and System 6 to the full. We're lucky to have a complete archive of it now, as Tony's original copy of disk 2, with the actual program on it, refused to image, citing errors. I remember I tried the next morning and thankfully it worked (would expansion and contraction during the warmer and cooler parts of the day play a part in successfully making disk images, either in regards to the disk media or the drive itself?!).

The second program to keep a close eye on your money is Financial GeniuS, which was eventually released as $35 shareware, but I believe its developer, Rick Adams, hoped would be a full commercial release. Again, this is a pretty comprehensive program that takes full advantage of System 6. Also included are the demo version, which includes a demo account file, as well as earlier versions of the program I'd found earlier.

10/07/2014: 8-bit version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego on 3.5" Disk Found!

Thanks again to Antoine Vignau, we now have another rarity catalogued and archived - Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego on 3.5" disk. This ISN'T the IIGS specific version, rather a re-release that would have especially pleased Apple IIc+ users, as the game can be entirely played without flipping the disk over (which as the original 5.25" asked you to do that fairly regularly).

I ask everyone to check their collections to see if they might have the equally rare Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego on 3.5", so we can have a complete set of this awesome series in the more convenient 3.5" disk format.

One other minor addition - I added the box for the 8-bit version of Reading and Me from my own collection (it's what I've been using to represent the IIGS version all this time, despite it's actually for 8-bit Apple IIs).

07/07/2014: Search Now Working Again here on WITA2GS?

For an uncertain period of time, the search feature of the site stopped working - but now it's back, better than ever. Try it out - it's a great, quick way to find any application, game, eduware, hardware and its drivers, publications and magazines that are included in the archive. You can even do more advanced searches like limiting results to specifc genres or to a specific category of game, as well as listing results to a specific year of release, whether programs have been reclassified freeware versus abandonware, or by listing titles according to publisher.

Thanks to Rane Bowen (back end web dev) and Greg Wildman (site admin) for getting this back up and running!

06/07/2014: Another Educational Journey Into Music Uncovered - Music Shapes

After the recent unearthing of previously unknown IIGS software Sound Discoveries, we've found another piece of IIGS specific educational software that allows you to play and experiment with sound and music - Music Shapes. This has been added to the archive by finding a demo version within Tony Diaz's collection, and it seems to allow you to play with the software but not allowing you to save your sonic creations. Also held within the archive however, is a disk image that's supposed to be the full version that's been cracked, but I've never been able to get it to work. Regardless, enjoy...and expect more content to come!

28/06/2014: Gertrude's Secrets v1.3 3.5" Disk Image Archived

Thanks to Stavros Karatsoridis, who recently spotted I added an archive for Gertrude's Secrets, but no 3.5" disk image, we've been able to fill the gap with v1.3 of the educational classic. There is definitely v1.4, which is hard drive installable and ProDOS friendly however, so if anyone has that, that too will be added to the archive.

22/06/2014: Buckets of New Content

We've got a bevy of miscellaneous updates - let's roll them out...

Michael Shopshin's been able to provide a disk image of Bank Street Writer Plus on 3.5" disk and Antoine's been able to provide a scan of the box for it - anyone have any word processing documents you need to view again with this 8-bit app, that includes a dictionary and thesaurus?

Another rare and odd find is some accountancy software - DAC Easy Accounting. I couldn't get too far with trialling the program, but it's there none-the-less for anyone wanting to have a go with this 8-bit application on 3.5" disk.

There's a whole bunch of box scans recently acquired. Antoine's provided Stickybear Math 2, Punctuation Rules (both with the manuals as well!), and Writer Rabbit. François Michaud has been able to provide scans for Math Rabbit and Gertrude's Secrets, for which I've added an archive for given that it was officially released on 3.5" disk (for which we still need a working disk image).

Antoine's also been able to provide the box scan and manual for the IIGS specific educational software All About America.

Always helping out, Antoine's also been able to provide manuals for Designasaurus, First Shapes4th & Inches Team Construction Kit, Blackjack Academy and Street Sports Soccer (just in time for the world cup!).

09/06/2014: Sound Discoveries – A Discovery in itself!

Even after all this time, we're still finding IIGS software that's never been archived.

A little while ago (yes, I'm still catching up with posting IIGS software and documentation submissions) Antoine Vignau was the winning bidder to Sound Discoveries -  a bit of an oddity that I had NEVER heard of before (I'll double check the Apple IIGS Buyers Guide, mail order catalogues and software reviews in A+, InCider, A+/InCider, Nibble, etc to see if it was ever mentioned anywhere).

But it's a great addition to educational software on the IIGS - quite unique and different from anything else made in that category.

Much thanks goes to Antoine again not only for purchasing the software from eBay, but then making a complete archive including disk images, cover scan and full documentation available for everyone to enjoy.

31/05/2014: Author of the book Iconic, the Photographed Visual History of Apple Products, Personally Drops Off a Copy

Last Monday, I had the rare pleasure of Jonathan Zufi visiting my abode (luckily it's on one of the days I work from home) and personally deliver a copy of his book 'Iconic', the 'Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation'. Jonathan started his quest to photograph every product back in 2009 and started the Shrine of Apple site to share his collection of products photographed.

Luckily we both had time to chat and shared stories of our collecting obsessions and our mutual love of Apple products. I was able to show off fairly modest collecton - my prized Apple IIGS, my G4 iMac, strawberry iMac G3 (both of which were recent acquisitions) my 9 classic form factor Macs making nice bookends in my shelves, the collection of boxed Apple II and Macintosh software, and the few other more 'recent' Macs (A blueberry iMac G3 and, a couple of blue and white G3s and quite possibly the rarest of my collection, the black all in one Performa from 1997.

I was especially pleased that Jonathan told me he looked around for inspiration on books on Apple and came across my desire to create a coffee table book around Apple. I can only hope I had some influence; meeting Jonathan and seeing the results of his hard work in Iconic has made me want to double my efforts. Yes, the work is still continuing on visual history of the Apple IIGS. I'm still discovering all sorts of new information and content to include in the book – it WILL be worth the wait!

18/05/2014: Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf - All Course Disks Now Available!

Who'd have thought that finding serveral complete golf courses, each with 18 holes, would be a hard thing to locate?

It is when it's for the IIGS, and Antoine Vignau, the shyest man in the Apple II community, has done the admirable job of finding each of the additional official Accolade course disks for Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf, adding to my original archive of the Courses of 1989, so we now finally have them all disk imaged, packaging and disk labels scanned as well as the complete documentation (updated the following day after this article was originally written).

Accolade did a great job extending the playability of its IIGS titles, so you'll be enjoying a lot more golf on the IIGS than ever before with not only Jack Nicklaus, but also the earlier Mean 18 release, as well as enjoying a lot more diverse driving with Test Drive II, which featured a load of additional content that's archived on this site as well.

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