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10/01/2015: Merlin 32 Released for Easy Cross Platform Development! Tarot Added to the Archive!

Antoine Vignau, the most upstanding citizen of the Apple IIGS community, has been able to provide a disk image, box scan and complete manual (in French) for the rare card game Tarot. There's no known English version of this game, which is a shame because the game looks interesting to play and has nicely rendered card artwork, but if anyone wants to translate with a sector editor, be sure to send on an updated disk image ;-)

Antoine's also recently got hold of the equally rare IIGS version of the strategy game Gold of the Americas, so we've now got an official vesion of the box art and the manual as well.

Saving the best until last, Antoine and Olivier have officially released Merlin 32, a cross assembler for use currently on Windows and others are working on getting it up and running on Mac OS X and Linux. This will enable you to write, test and run code super fast and more conveniently on modern platforms for your IIGS and Apple II development projects as part of Brutal Deluxe's Cross Development Tools.

04/01/2015: Happy New Year! RAM Pro Scan Acquired

Happy New Year everybody!

Following another discussion on the Facebook Apple II Enthusiasts group, Steve Eggers shared his joy and woe of obtaining a IIGS, but the monitor dying on him. Showing everyone what was part of his system Andrew Roughan spotted that the RAM card, a RAM Pro IIGS, hadn't been archived on this site. So I asked Steve if he could scan or photograph it, and he's kindly been able to add it to the archive. Looks like a clone, but I'm not sure which one it's based on.

UPDATE: Again, thanks to the lively discussion that goes on at the Facebook Apple II Enthusiasts group, Robert Spitz reminded me of a RAM card he submitted to me a few years ago and not having been able to identify it, I kept it on the backburner and forgot about it. I've now included this Sequential Systems 4meg RAM card clone as part of the archive - if anyone has any information about its name, producer, or anything else, let us know about it.

From the last news article of 2014, I promised I would include archives for Homeworker and Classmate. They're now in place.

Speaking of older news, we're facing the same year on year issue that the buttons down the right hand side for News don't include years beyond 2009. Fear not, as you can revise all previous years' news from the links below: