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19/04/2017: Xenocide Archive Updated with Infinite Lives Patch and a Word on Cheats

Thanks to Pen Helm, we have a new patched version of Xenocide that gives you infinite lives – no excuses not to see the entire game now. Just download the .zip archive for the new disk image.

Dear readers, did you also know that If you boot up with the GameHacker classic desk accessory (CDA) installed, which my 32meg image of a preinstalled System 6.0.1 Hard Drive Image, you can run Xenocide and then access the classic control panel with apple, command and escape, select the GameHacker CDA and it will ask if you want to patch the current game in two ways: 1) Infinite Lives and 2) Infinite ammunition.

There's a tonne of other games supported by GameHacker, so be sure to use the same trick on any game that allows you to access the classic control panel. However, some games don't allow access to the text based control panel, like Great Western Shootout, Gauntlet and Paperboy. Zany Golf is also one of those titles, but a patched version was included in the archive a couple of years ago. If anyone's interested in writing infinite lives (and ammunition, where applicable) patches to IIGS games, maybe focus on those listed games as GameHacker can take care of the rest.

But I strongly recommend playing games without cheats - the reward is more satisfying.

But here are all the games GameHacker supports (from its included documentation):

Almost infinite (65516) number of blocks that can hit you

Arkanoid 1 & 2 (3 variants of Ark II)
Infinite lives

Infinite lives

Infinite Lives, Infinite Ammo, All weapon types have super-powerful ammo. (Kill with 1 shot!)

Columns GS
No trouble pieces, and the screen stays on when you press escape.

Copy Killers:
Infinite Money, Virus Protection.

Crystal Quest
Infinite lives

Defender of the Crown
Always win jousts and castle raids; buying army, knights, and catapults make your treasury to 25; this
discourages others from stealing your gold and using it against you.

Invincible men that can walk through elavators.

Infinite shields, fuel. Thanks to 'RKE' (Richard K Eddington) for finding the fuel and all.

The Last Ninja

Infinite lives, bombs, stars, and hit points.

Mine Hunt (NDA version only)
Lets you tread on the mines without dying.

Infinite Ammo, Shield Maxxed out after each level.

Infinite Lives.

Pick'n Pile
Infinite time

Infinite lives. Some people have had problems getting to the CDA menu from with plotting; the best time to
try is when the startup screen is visible.

QBurt GS
Not technically patched from within this game, but if you press the "=" key on the numeric keypad, your lives will increase.

Infinite lives, but you still have to maneuver.

This patch allows you to hold down keys when moving pieces for greater speed. (The first constructive patch!)

Infinite Strength and Hit Points. Infinite items, but you can drop them.

Senseless Violence I:
Infinite babies.

ShufflePuck GS:
Your opponent's score will never go above 1. Note: apparently this game was never released, and is only available from your local pirate. I was lent this game to add support for it from an anonymous contact, and have since deleted it. This patch is included for completion only.

Infinite Shield. (Screen will show almost full shield points, but the shield is full in memory)

Space Ace
Infinite lives. Patch provided by Jesse Blue. Thanks! (Untested; I don't have that game.)

SpaceFox GS (2 variants supported)
Infinite lives, shot speed & # of shots are set to 9.
Note: it's best to select GameHacker _before_ the game starts; that way most of these changes will happen at the start, not after you die once. Infinite fuel, and shields are infinite, just turn them on once per level. Still no weapon select, but with these mega-shields, you won't be dying very quickly.

Spy Hunter GS v1 & 2
Infinite lives, ammo, oil, and more.

Star Trek Classic IIGS
Infinite Energy, weapons, time, and all the like.

Disables password; type anything for the password.

The Tinies GS
Infinite time during levels, infinite lives, and restarts. Note: If you have GSBug installed, Tinies 1.0 can't get to the control panel; it will crash! Bug the authors to release 1.1!

Thexder (2 versions)
Infinite Shield points in version 2.7 (supports joystick), never die (shield indicator will be mucked, though) on an older version. Thanks for Peter Mularski for the Thexder patch.

Tunnels of Armageddon
Clock disabled, so you don't have to worry.
Also, your ship is invulnerable to damage, and once you get items, they never disappear.

Xenocide: (2 variants supported)
Infinite ammo, lives, energy/oxygen, and shields. Autoblaster is always on as well.


17/04/2017: Ninja Force Releases First New Demo for 20 Years – Kern Kompetenz

Ninja Force recently attended and competed in the Revision 2017 Demo Scene Party in Germany in the Oldskool category with their brand new 'Kern Kompetenz' demo. Representing our favourite cute but flawed machine against other computer platforms of the '80s and '90s, Ninja Force did us proud, but at the time of writing (at least that I could see), the results as to the best entry of the competition have yet to appear coming fourth place. You can watch each demo played at the party on YouTube (with Kern Kompetenz at around the 33 minute mark).




Now that all entries have been shown, Revision 2017 has now allowed distribution through Pouet, the demo scene archive for ALL platforms. Find the download link on the entry for it here. It's now also available from the official Ninja Force site now.

The demo's amazing - everything's bigger, faster and smoother than any IIGS demo before it. It's pretty awesome to see things you've never seen the IIGS do, or thought could ever be done. Dreamer's tune is excellent and you'll remember it's melody days afterwards. It also has a different sound compared to his earlier work – a much more contemporary track than anything else on the IIGS.

It took a bit of wrangling to get the demo working on my ROM01 (4.25meg RAM, ZipGS 8/64k, CFFA3000), but I possibly made it harder on myself by not copying it to a real 3.5" disk to run from that. Mounting the 800k disk image with the CFFA3000, it wouldn't boot - it's not Smartport compatible. Trying to load from the System 6 Finder resulted in a helpful error message: 'Unable to load from GS/OS' - so I knew there was no way of getting it to work that way.

But then I remembered how to get the Ninja Force Mega Demo running from a 'hard drive' (in this case, a 32meg ProDOS image mounted on the Smartport) - hold down the '8' key just before GS/OS starts booting. It will abort loading GS/OS and take you straight to the BASIC prompt. Type 'bye' to take you to the ProDOS Loader (or Bitsy Bye if you're using John Brooks' ProDOS 2.4.1). With the 'Kern Kompetenz Demo.2mg' disk image also mounted via the CFFA3000, tab to switch volumes and then select the 'Demo' executable. Voila!

You can use this same technique to installing the demo onto a MicroDrive, Focus, or any other type of SSD / hard drive controller to avoid loading from an actual 3.5" disk drive. See, I really am a nut about making things hard drive installable for the IIGS!

Enjoy everyone! It's great to see another IIGS specific demo so soon after the 'Look Behind You' demo. 

10/04/2017: Application Fresh Cracks

Last but certainly not least in this series of fresh cracks from Antoine Vignau, we cover applications. Not only do we have different, more unique cracks, we've also found some newer versions:

Designer Puzzles
Designer Prints
Softwood GS File (new version 2.0 included! Patched to work from System 6!)
TopDraw v1.00A (as part of the BeagleDraw archive)
Design Your Own Home Architecture (newer v2.8)
Notes n Files
Graphics Studio

UPDATE: I've also included the newer versions of these apps where ever possible on the relevant 32meg hard drive images:

 Productivity & Visual Creative

 Utilities & Aural Creative

09/04/2017: Hardware Updates

Manila Gear and Reactive Micro team up! As part of their new partnership Reactive Micro will handle distribution as Manila Gear releases their new 2soniq card, their scaled down sound expansion that provides stereo output like other 3rd party stereo cards. Additionally, Manila Gear has a refreshed 4soniq card (the first card to support surround sound on the IIGS) based on feedback of the first batch of sales. On top of that, Manila Gear also produces the Apple IIGS VGA Adapter, which enables you to connect to a VGA monitor that supports 15Khz video input (so be sure your monitor supports this before buying the adapter, because most modern monitors will NOT support 15Mhz video signals).

Thanks to 4am (quite some time ago, and no-thanks to me for sorting a backlog of disk images in an untimely manner) we now have some new software...for hardware. Multi Drive Pro for the Checkmate MultiRAM card (for which we still need a scan!) and Checkmate Memory Saver for the Memory Saver card (a ROM backup device). Download these separately from the disk image links from each archive.

Last but not least, the Audio Animator manual has been scanned by Karl Horster.


28/03/2017: Fresh(er) Cracks of Educational Software

As part of some fresh cracks Antoine, or as his cracking alter ego is known 'LoGo', did back in 2016, there were quite a few Educational titles. Some revealed some newer versions, but otherwise, we now have different clean cracks, skillfully handled by Antoine to best ensure each program still behaves as originally intended by the authors:

Reader Rabbit (now including a fresh LoGo crack of v2.2)
SkyTravel (fresh Logo crack)
Read & Rhyme (fresh Logo crack with HD install - with more time, the HD patch could potentially work on all other Unicorn titles, none of which, in their original state, are hard drive installable)
National Geographic Kids Network (fresh logo crack of a newer version - v1.4)
The Playroom (fresh logo crack)
Storybook Weaver World of Make Believe (fresh crack plus inclusion of new 'Network' version of the program - allowing to be Netbooted?)
Storybook Weaver (Fresh crack by LoGo)
Storybook Weaver World of Adventure (fresh crack, 'Network' version and original System Disk included)
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (fresh LoGo crack)
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (2x fresh LoGo cracks)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (fresh LoGo crack)
World Geograph (fresh LoGo crack of newer v1.2)

I've also updated the two 32meg volumes dedicated to educational software with these new additions:

 Reading, Writing and Mathematics (Educational software ~15.1meg)

 Science, Social Studies, Kids Creative, Computer Skills (Educational software ~14.4meg)

07/03/2017: Terrapin Logo Plus Added

Thanks to 4am (who's keeping an eye out for 8-bit releases on 3.5" disk) we now have Terrapin Logo Plus on archive, including the disk image and manual. Revisit your Logo coding skills with this revamped version for 128k Apple II models.

08/02/2017: Expanding Your IIGS Game Cracking Playset - More Uncracked Images

After imaging all my original IIGS games from the one box I'd kept them...I realised my more recent acquisitions (stuff I've bought off eBay for the past 15 years) the disks were still sitting in their boxes. So here's a few more uncracked games you can sharpen your cracking skills with, and by having more diverse disk images, things might turn up (newer versions perhaps) that can bring something unexpected to the archive.

Beyond Zork - No Read Errors

Blockout - No Read Errors

Tunnels of Armageddon - No Read Errors

Sea Strike - No Read Errors

Firepower - No Read Errors

Club Backgammon - Errors at block 1284, 1317, 1400, 1420 Error $67

Blackjack Academy (Second Pass) - Error at block 1505 Error $67

Battle Chess - No Read Errors

Mancala - No Read Errors

Panzer Battles Dk1 - No Read Errors Dk2 - Errors at block 1595, 1597, 1598, 1599 Error $67
Dk2 (2nd pass) Same errors - 13 blocks total

Strip Poker II - No Read Errors
Strip Poker II Data Disk 4 - No Read Errors
Strip Poker II Data Disk 5 - Errors reading block 7, 1377, 1378 I/O Errors

Triango - No Read Errors

The Lost Tribe Dk 1 - No Read Errors Dk 2 - No Read Errors Dk 3 - No Read Errors

The Cryllan Mission 2088 Dk 1 - No Read Errors Dk 2 - No Read Errors Dk 3 - No Read Errors

Star Saga One Dk 1 - (2nd pass) - No Read Errors

Windwalker Dk 1- (2nd pass) No Read Errors Dk 2 (2nd pass) - No Read Errors

Vegas Craps - No Read Errors

Vegas Gambler - (4th pass!) No Read Errors

07/02/2017: Captain Blood Now Playable on ROM03 models!

On the Apple IIGS Enthusiasts Group on Facebook, Matt Reichart asked if Captain Blood was still incompatible with IIGS ROM03 models and Antoine is. Or was. Antoine's now patched Captain Blood to work properly with ROM03 machines and included the full source code as well! Just download the .zip archive to play the patched version.

I still recommend playing this from a 3.5" floppy drive (or 3.5" disk image) (as playing from a hard drive or large ProDOS volume is fine, but saving and restoring games doesn't seem to work from those storage mediums.

06/02/2017: Futureshock 3D Now Playable with a Joystick!

Dagen Brock and Antoine Vignau have patched the game Futureshock 3D so it can be played with a joystick. Why is this particularly news worthy? Futureshock 3D is only fully playable with the accompanying FuturePad, a peripheral for uniquely taking control during gameplay. However, very limited quantities of the Futureshock 3D and FuturePad combination were sold, but of course everyone has access to a mouse on a IIGS (don't you?) and also likely to have a joystick. And now you can use the mouse and joystick to fully play Futureshock 3D.

Go to the archive page and download the zipped 2image and play Futureshock 3D without a Futurepad! Includes source code as well!

01/02/2017: Patented Post Christmas Gift 6 - Fresh Cracks from Logo & TRex + New Uncracked Disk Images


This has been a long time coming and I apologise to Antoine for the delay in sharing them with everyone. Basically, Antoine has created fresh cracks for many IIGS games over the last year or so and I've now finally updated each title's archives to include them:

Arkanoid II (Now also includes the classic FUCK crack)
Bubble Ghost
Cavern Cobra
Great Western Shootout
Laser Force (as well as development version ‘Laser Man')
Sea Strike (modified version runs from System 6 (but only from floppy, currently)
Task Force (which now also includes an unlimited health option thanks to Mitch Spector)
Thexder (version 1.0 non joystick version available) (Modified version uses shadow memory, but introduces bugs?)
Tunnels of Armageddon (Also includes the FUCK crack, with many differences)

Deja Vu
Deja Vu II
Leisure Suit Larry
The Third Courier

Grand Prix Circuit
Life and Death
Test Drive II

Block Out
Cribbage & Gin King
Mancala (great reason to get new cracks - original cracks had copyright message crossed through on title screen)
Revolution 76

Pipe Dream (Including new T Rex crack as well)
Triango (is a better crack as the dialogue asking for manual look-up has been completely removed)

Ancient Land of Ys
The Bard's Tale
Keef the Thief (this version only requires that you need to enter only ONE card selection to enter the game. The last cracked version made you select three.)
The Immortal
Tower of Myraglen
War in Middle Earth

4th & Inches and Team Construction Kit (as well as development version)
California Games
Hardball! (Modified versions doesn't work properly, unfortunately, but tried to work from System 6)
Mini Putt
Serve and Volley
Street Sports Soccer
Superstar Ice Hockey
Winter Games
World Tour Golf
Zany Golf

In addition to Antoine's new cracks, I've also included fresh / UNCRACKED disk images from my collection of original disks for the following titles:

Warlock - Error reading Block 7: I/O Error

Great Western Shootout - Error reading Block 1,599: I/O Error

Laser Force - Error reading Block 1,599: I/O Error

Thexder - Error reading Block 1,588: I/O Error

The Three Stooges - Error reading Block 269: I/O Error Dk1, Error reading Block 857: Error $67 (second pass, no errors) Dk2

Dungeon Master - Missed the error message!

Task Force - Error reading Block 1,597, 1598, 1599, Number of failed blocks = 10 : I/O Error (same result after two passes) Dk1, No Read Errors Dk 2

Rastan - No Read Errors Dk 1, Error reading Block 77: Error $67

Xenocide - No Read Errors

Zany Golf - Error reading Block 77: Error $67

Dream Zone - No Read Errors Dk 1, Error reading Block 32, 33, 34, 35 Number of failed blocks = 12 : I/O Error (same result after two passes) Dk 2

Skate or Die - No Read Errors

Destroyer - Error reading Block 1317, 1336, 1357 Number of failed blocks = 4 : I/O Error (same result after two passes)

The Bard's Tale - No Read Errors

Bard's Tale 2: Destiny Knight - Error reading Block 1599: I/O Error

Fast Break - No Read Errors

Mean 18 - No Read Errors

Test Drive II - No Read Errors

Rocket Ranger - No Read Errors for Dk 1 or Dk 2

Winter Games - No Read Errors

World Games - No Read Errors

The Last Ninja - Error reading Block 1599: I/O Error

Vegas Gambler - No Read Errors

Silent Service - Error reading Block 7: I/O Error

Shadowgate - No Read Errors Dk 1, Error reading Block 7: I/O Error Dk 2

Downhill Challenge - No Read Errors for Dk 1 and Dk 2

Keef the Thief - No Read Errors Dk 1, Error reading Block 3: Error $67 Dk 2

Space Quest II - Error reading Block 1588: I/O Error Dk 1, No Read Errors Dk 2

Police Quest - Error reading Block 1266: I/O Error (2nd pass, 2 weeks later, no errors) Dk1, Error reading Block 1266: I/O Error (2nd pass, no errors) Dk 2

King's Quest I - Error reading Block 1588: I/O Error Dk 1 and Dk 2

King's Quest III - Error reading Block 1588: I/O Error Dk 1, No Errors Dk 2

King's Quest IV - Error reading Block 1588: I/O Error Dk 1 and Dk 2, No Read Errors Dk 3

Leisure Suit Larry - No Read Errors (this came in an original box, but disk 1 looks like a copy, that would have had its protection removed) Dk 1, Error reading Block 1588: I/O Error Dk 2

Hover Blade - No Read Errors Dk 1 and Dk 2

Serve & Volley - No Read Errors

Silpheed - No Read Errors Dk 1 and Dk 2

Pipe Dream - No Read Errors

Arkanoid - No Read Errors (1st pass had LOTS of read errors though)

Tass Times in Tonetown - No Read Errors

Ancient Land of Ys - Forgot to Record any read errors!

Captain Blood - Forgot to Record any read errors!

Ideally, disk image archives should include untouched versions so if cracks that compromise the original program are found, we could work upon a new crack that hopefully doesn't affect anything from the original design of the application, and then archive that. A good example would be with Triango - Antoine's recent crack was an improvement on the older crack, as the older effort still presented a dialogue to ask for a word look-up in the manual. You could enter ANYTHING and it would then allow you to play the game, but Antoine's crack bypasses the dialogue altogether - why need to display it when whatever you type is going to get beyond it anyway? The crack makes it redundant. But the original, untouched disk image will still have the dialogue AND the working word look-up protection, for anyone that wants to see how this specific form of copy protection works.

UPDATE 1: Antoine's write-ups for cracks (and others) are all on Hackzapple if you'd like a go at learning how to make your own cracks to 8-bit and IIGS specific software.

UPDATE 2: Brian Troha (T-rex) has collated a full written list of his cracks. They're also available in the Game.Utils folder on the  Games with Path Modifications volume.

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