17/04/2017: Ninja Force Releases First New Demo for 20 Years – Kern Kompetenz

Ninja Force recently attended and competed in the Revision 2017 Demo Scene Party in Germany in the Oldskool category with their brand new 'Kern Kompetenz' demo. Representing our favourite cute but flawed machine against other computer platforms of the '80s and '90s, Ninja Force did us proud, but at the time of writing (at least that I could see), the results as to the best entry of the competition have yet to appear coming fourth place. You can watch each demo played at the party on YouTube (with Kern Kompetenz at around the 33 minute mark).




Now that all entries have been shown, Revision 2017 has now allowed distribution through Pouet, the demo scene archive for ALL platforms. Find the download link on the entry for it here. It's now also available from the official Ninja Force site now.

The demo's amazing - everything's bigger, faster and smoother than any IIGS demo before it. It's pretty awesome to see things you've never seen the IIGS do, or thought could ever be done. Dreamer's tune is excellent and you'll remember it's melody days afterwards. It also has a different sound compared to his earlier work – a much more contemporary track than anything else on the IIGS.

It took a bit of wrangling to get the demo working on my ROM01 (4.25meg RAM, ZipGS 8/64k, CFFA3000), but I possibly made it harder on myself by not copying it to a real 3.5" disk to run from that. Mounting the 800k disk image with the CFFA3000, it wouldn't boot - it's not Smartport compatible. Trying to load from the System 6 Finder resulted in a helpful error message: 'Unable to load from GS/OS' - so I knew there was no way of getting it to work that way.

But then I remembered how to get the Ninja Force Mega Demo running from a 'hard drive' (in this case, a 32meg ProDOS image mounted on the Smartport) - hold down the '8' key just before GS/OS starts booting. It will abort loading GS/OS and take you straight to the BASIC prompt. Type 'bye' to take you to the ProDOS Loader (or Bitsy Bye if you're using John Brooks' ProDOS 2.4.1). With the 'Kern Kompetenz Demo.2mg' disk image also mounted via the CFFA3000, tab to switch volumes and then select the 'Demo' executable. Voila!

You can use this same technique to installing the demo onto a MicroDrive, Focus, or any other type of SSD / hard drive controller to avoid loading from an actual 3.5" disk drive. See, I really am a nut about making things hard drive installable for the IIGS!

Enjoy everyone! It's great to see another IIGS specific demo so soon after the 'Look Behind You' demo.