10/06/2001: Old School Updates

Some updates! Dan Chisarick has sent in heaps of game box scans: California Games, Deja Vu 1 and 2, Hacker II, Omega, Test Drive 2 California Challenge and Supercars. Big thanks to Dan for all of these!

Olivier Goguel, ex-lead programmer for the Free Tools Association, has created a page dedicated to the memory of the FTA. The page is still under construction, but includes music from the Nucleus Demo of 1989, in MP3 or RealAudio format.

Incidentally, and I forgot to mention this with my last update all those months ago, Ninja Force's webpage features reviews and downloads of IIGS 'scene' demos, including demos created by Ninja Force themselves, the FTA, the GSA, the East Coast Connection and others.