10/01/2016: Patented Late Christmas Presents

It's that time of year again where I plan to add content to What is the Apple IIGS? but am almost always late in doing so to tie it into some holiday cheer. Anyways, without further ado, we've got a load of new manual scans thanks to Antoine Vignau (who is this guy? never heard of him!):

MultiscribeGS (1987 and 1988), Design Your Own Home: Interiors (new, clearer scans), Music Studio v1.0 (in addition to the existing v2.0 manual), Teleworks GS, Talking Greek Mythology, Talking Addition & Subtraction, Talking Speller, Talking Classroom, Story Starters Science, The Whole Neighborhood, and Think Quick!

You'll find the manuals available as download links after the 2image download links for each title.

In our ever continuing quest to find and archive all known 8-bit software on 3.5" disk, with a current focus on Davidson Software titles, we've come across even more. Antoine keenly spotted original Math Blaster on eBay, bought it, cracked it and it's now imaged for the first time on 3.5" disk, that doesn't require any disk swapping of the original 5.25" disk release.

Thinking that was the last of the 3.5" disk releases for Davidson, 4am found Vocabulary Team Health & Science. Released in 1990, this puts it as one of the last Davidson titles. It's using the Word Attack Plus! engine for its content, so it's like a data disk. This prompted Antoine to take another look at cracking a title I found in 2014 called Reading Team People and Places and he's since been able to deprotect it. This one uses Read n Roll for an engine, so again, it seems to be a new data disk. But we haven't yet found any information on these two titles - if anyone can shed any light on them, let us know.

Antoine's also submitted a scan for the original Word Attack packaging, and visiting the old family home over Christmas, I was surprised to see I had fully boxed versions of original Math Blaster (5.25" edition) and Spell It! (5.25" edition) for which I've scanned the covers for. I hope to get round to scanning the manuals shortly. Speaking of which, I've been perusing the manuals for the 'Plus' series of Davidson titles and apparently the data disks that were available for Word Attack and Spell It! could also be used with the Plus versions...so I hope someone can archive those data disks out there!

I also got around to scanning my Drew ][ TDX stereo card and created an archive entry for it, including details on how to contact Drew if you're interested in one of these cards.

And this comes up all to often now that when a new year ticks over, news from years 2009 onwards isn't easily accessible via the site, which is a major oversight on my part, but I'd rather redo the site than keep adding band aids to it. One day. Anyway, to access old news, do so here: