27/01/2017: Patented Post Christmas Gift 1 - System 6.0.4

System 6.0.4 is out! The 'illuminati' have been busy and there are some nice updates here: Fixes to filetypes of SCSI drivers and other system extensions after being discovered in System 6.0.3 that were causing problems. Also, there's no switch to text mode just before the Finder loads at bootup, which bugged me (and probably no one else on the face of the planet). I also quite like how double clicking on rSounds in the Finder will now play them without any additional system extensions, making the most of the Sound CDev with a simple update. I also like the additional system sounds coming from Mac OS 9 and It'll be interesting to play around with some of larger font sizes included. It feels slightly snappier - this may be down to the OMF record packing improvements...or not. I've quite often felt various versions of Mac OS X felt faster after point release updates, so it's possible it's just a placebo effect it has on me! All this and the bundling of John Brooks' fantastic updates for ProDOS 8 v2.4.1. For more details on this release, check out the release notes included with the archive or the original announcement on a2central.com. You can also download my preinstalled   System 6.0.4 Hard Drive Image, which not only includes the most recent system update, but every tool and font required by IIGS programs, as well as filling the remainder of the 32meg image with freeware and shareware games.


System 6.0.4


It's certainly easier said than done, but I'm still hoping that future versions of System 6.0.x will fix everything that GUPP patches, that the Softdisk GS ‘Disk Count' CDev fixes (incorrect number of 5.25" drives on the desktop), incorporate II Not Disturb for better time keeping performance, Sheppy's List Manager patch for problems with the List view in the Finder, the SANE fix patch, the Fix Disk Mount bug patch and the Fix ROM Blaster INIT patch. Whew. That should leave a cleaner, leaner System 6 without having all these patches installed taking up memory and disk space.

Also of note, I've added SCSI drivers to get my preinstalled version of System 6.0.1 and System 6.0.4 at Eduardo Correa Lima's request. I believe Dagen Brock also made a similar request to get my images working with SCSI hard drives as soon as they've been copied to those drives. Also, Eduardo asked about any official Apple Diagnostics software for the IIGS out there - and we now have on archive thanks to myself and Antoine, multiple versions of the Apple Services IIGS Diagnostics program, which can run a full gamut of tests across different components - tests for ROM checks, System Speed / Interupts, MMU / IOU, RAM, Serial Port, Disk Port, Sound circuitry, Video Pattern, Keyboard and Mouse. All tests can be run or selection of tests set to run, the results of which can be logged back to disk.

It's also that time of year where the previous years (2010 to 2016) aren't easily accessible thanks to poor design on my part. I will have to sort out something better, but for the meantime you can access all previous updates all the way back to 2010 here: