28/01/2017: Patented Post Christmas Gift 2 - SoundSmith v2.0b

SoundSmith v2.0b has been released! Thanks to Antoine Vignau, this has not only been restored (from Huibert Aalbers badly damaged hard drive), but also given new features to take advantage of brand new hardware - specifically, to provide sequencing across the new channels available (for surround sound) that the 4soniq card can provide.

There's also preliminary (read, imperfect) support for loading wavebank files, i.e. the single document that includes all the instruments necessary for playback with the sequence. Instruments can be extracted this way, not to mention making edits to SoundSmith sequences that only have wavebank data available instead of individual instruments.


SoundSmith v2.0b mapping to surround sound


The SoundSmith archive on WITA2GS? has been amended to include the new version 2.0b and the new Tool 219, along with all the existing versions, songs and instruments previously available. Or you can download the standalone release from Brutal Deluxe's site.