30/01/2017: Patented Post Christmas Gift 4 - New System Add-ons

Thanks to Antoine for imaging a range of disks from the Shareware Solutions II collection, we've found some additional items to include amongst the INITS, CDAs, NDAs and CDevs of the  System Add-ons volume.

Fielder INIT - allows you to move up and down using the arrow keys between fields (although I always thought you should be able to use tab to move between fields? I do vaguely remember some older IIGS software not accepting tabs to move between fields, perhaps List Plus or Softwood GSFile).

KeycapsGS NDA - a beta version of the best looking keycaps NDA I've seen for the IIGS. If this reached version 1.0 from this v0.95, I'd love to know about it.


Keycaps 0.95 by Greg Betzel


SHR ScreenSaver CDA - this one allows you to set a time interval from setting the screen grab off.

Magic Cursor INIT + App combo - I had v2.0.1 on archive, however it looks like some files were missing - an icon file containing sample cursors and the application to edit them together. Looks like you can set some cool system wide colour mouse pointers.

Updated Key Notifier CDev by Eric Shepherd to v1.3 from v1.2.

Even MORE Zip disk and drive icons!?!

There could be some other additions from these Shareware Solutions II disks - it might be worth re-downloading the  Utilities & Aural Creative and  Productivity & Visual Creative 32meg volumes to make sure you're up to date.

I've also discovered two terrific shareware programs written by French author M Tornereau - RapidoGraf (an excellent graphing program that does it's job so much better than the commercial Visualizer application) and Catmania (a cataloging program that will record full path directories of any ProDOS formatted volume. Non-mounted archives can be referred to from Catmania's database, so you can know where all of your files are without having those storage mediums online). However, we only have the trial v0.9 versions in English, and the full v1.0 of Catmania in French only). These rare, well written apps are System 6 savvy and follow Apple human interface guidelines well. If anyone has the registered v1.0 variations of these programs in English (and in French for RapidoGraf), please submit them and I'll create full archives for these two releases.