31/01/2017: Patented Post Christmas Gift 5 - 8-bit on 3.5” Disk Updates

8-bit on 3.5" Disk Updates - I've scanned the manuals for the classic Broderbund games Airheart and Wings of Fury from my own collection.


Airheart and Wings of Fury Manuals


We also have 3 more ProDOS compatible versions of classic 8-bit games thanks to qkumba (Lost Tomb, Mr Cool and Orileys Mine). There's also the Star Trek First Contact 3.5" and hard drive installable hack by Marco Verpelli. These two are available on the 32meg  8-bit Games archive. Last but not least to 8-bit gaming on 3.5" disk, a box scan for the 8-bit re-release of Ultima I by Eduardo Correa Lima.

In the applications arena, a Discover CAD disk image and manual scan has been submitted by Karl Horster. Peter Puskarich had previously provided a different disk image archive, so we now have two different versions of Discover CAD. Thanks Karl and Peter!