18/04/2020: Pegasus Pascal Found! 99% of it Anyway

Petar Puskarich has dug deep into his personal archives to find the full version of Pegasus Pascal, which Ken Burtch used to develop his IIGS shareware games Quest for the Hoard and Treasures from Heaven, as well as his SoundSmith Jukebox app in conjunction with his PegaSoft DrawTools. Even Ken himself no longer had a copy of Pegasus Pascal, so this is a particularly lucky find because it was not on archive anywhere.

But it's not without issue – the archive was retrieved from a Shrink-It archive which extracted successfully except for a single file – "PrintMgr.pp" within the "Tool.Interface" folder. I hoped this file was part of the demo of Pegasus Pascal we did have on archive, so we could simply replace it with that, but it wasn't a part of the demo, sadly. How limiting this will be will have to come down to a soul brave enough to try playing around with it. I think it requires the ORCA shell to work as well.

Additionally, Petar has also found the official Music Studio 2.0.1 update documentation which he has scanned, which is now available alongside version 1 and version 2 manuals – download the .zip archive for the manuals to get all three.