29/08/2017: Post KansasFest 2017 Miscellanea

After KansasFest 2017, directly or completely unrelated, we've got quite a few updates thanks to a large pool of people.

Antoine's submitted a bunch of interesting stuff, as usual ;-)

We now have a manual scan for the Price Busters Super Expander GS RAM card. Antoine's also tracked down a previously elusive newer version of USA Geograph, v1.2, which has now been added to the 2image archive for that title.

Antoine's also found the rarer 3.5" disk version of Run Your Own Train for all 64k compatible Apple II's. is it an application? Is it a game? The best way I'd describe it is as a simulation, but there's no real goal to play for. I decided it fitted better as a game, and that's where I've listed it. Speaking of other 8-bit on 3.5" disk games, Antoine's also provided a scan of the box for the underrated 8-bit Origin game Space Rogue, (although there's not much of an advantage to the 3.5" hack, as 2 3.5" disks are required and the original release on 5.25" required 2 disks anyway!). If that wasn't enough, Antoine's also bought a boxed copy (and thanks to 4am as an intermediary) of Pow! Zap Kerplunk! Comic Book Maker, which has revealed itself to be a newer version on archive (v1.2) and includes a sweet IIGS icon for the Finder (despite the title being strictly 8-bit). Last but not least, Antoine bought an original copy of the 8-bit The New Print Shop on 3.5" disk, which this archive previously held, but this version seems not to have included any copy protection and can be installed to a hard drive without asking for the disk to be left in the floppy drive! Result!

Jeremy Barr-Hyde has sent in a scanned manual for v1.3 of discQuest, which has been included to the v1.2 manual and other included info for that title. Jeremy's keen eyes also found Once Upon a Time I box, which he's scanned. Thanks Jeremy! Anyone got the alternate box for Once Upon a Time I and ANY scan of Once Upon a Time III?

The Pointless system extension for adding TrueType font usage on the IIGS now has a ‘clean' installer thanks to Bill Scheffler. You can now register with your own name for the product.

I realised I haven't included HyperCard IIGS manuals that Arnaud Brossard provided when we swapped archives so many years ago!

More updates to come...