25/10/2014: Programming Additions and Time Out for a Baby

We've got some programming related additions to the site. Andrew Roughan let me know that Merlin 16+ was missing complete documentation, as the 8/16 manual was missing - that has now been rectified.

Also, I've added the ProDOS 16 Exerciser and the Hodge Podge C and assembly source for easing your way into using the IIGS toolbox.

In other news, it's the due date for our baby today. Who knows exactly when he or she will arrive, but I'm planning to take time out from updating content on the site so I can focus on helping my beautiful partner Bronwen in raising our first newborn. Keep sending in new content to add to the site, I just won't be able to respond quite as quickly.

With whatever spare time I can find, I'm planning on working on final layouts for the 'What is the Apple IIGS?' coffee table book. I've been able to make great progress on this over the past few months, and it's shaping up to be the ultimate visual history ever given to a single computer platform that I've always hoped it would be. Thanks for your patience everyone - it will be worth the wait!