13/04/2014: Questron II now fully playable from a Hard Drive (or any large volume ProDOS partition)

In the pursuit of being able to prepare every IIGS application, game or educational software to run from a hard drive / large ProDOS volume, I've been able to add another one to the list - Questron II. This RPG from 1988 was converted stylishly to the IIGS by none other than Westwood Associates and now can be fully enjoyed from a physical hard drive or CFFA3000, CFFA v1 / v2, MicroDrive, Focus, etc, removing the necessity of it running from a 3.5" disk or image.

Thanks to Antoine for checking his archives for v1.1 of the Questron II executable (the newer version fixes a very damaging hard drive wiping bug as reported by A+ Magazine back in the day) and thanks be to Vince Andrews (way back in 1991) for writing an easy to follow method of installing the program to any ProDOS volume, as well as including a classic desk accessory for modifying character attributes. You no longer have to use a separate character disk, as that info, along with save games, are also stored in the 'Questron.II' folder on the Games with Path Modifications 32 meg volume - so download that to get the modified version. I've also updated the individual floppy disk archive on the WITA2GS? Last but not least, I added an icon for the game as well (appearing on the Games with Path Modifications volume).

Stay tuned for more content updates! And remember, if you've got a hard drive installable version of a game, app or educational program that WITA2GS? doesn't have, be sure to write in.