01/06/2016: Roger Wagner Publishing Title Updates and Tweaks to the System Add-ons and 8-bit Games 32meg Images

Mike Maginnis, of the Open Apple Podcast and apple2scans opened a can of worms when he shared on Twitter that he'd scanned the manual to Macromate, a classic desk accessory for the IIGS that was released by Roger Wagner Publishing back in 1988. I asked Mike if I could include the PDF based manual on the Macromate archive on WITA2GS? Except when I went to check, I didn't actually have an archive page for Macromate! Whoops. A quick check of all my archives revealed a copy that wouldn't boot to the provided system, so I asked Antoine if he had another and sure enough, he did. So now we have a fully working disk image archive including the manual and some screen shots of Macromate!

As part of the Macromate documentation, it includes info on a program written by Dave Lyons called P8CDA. This utility allows you to load IIGS specific classic desk accessories WITHOUT booting ProDOS 16 or GS/OS, using ProDOS 8 only, but using the same System/Desk.Accs file path as GS/OS. How ingenious I thought! Again, I trawled through all my archives and to my surprise, came across it as a v1.1 shareware vesion, presumably before Roger Wagner picked it to publish commercially. I've since added it to my comprehensive System Add-ons volume that tries to collect every freeware and shareware system extension ever made – take a look in the CDAs folder. If anyone has the Roger Wagner version, which hopefully is newer than the v1.1 shareware version, let me know. Apparently P8CDA has some limitations - it isn't compatible with a lot of newer CDAs, i.e. CDAs made after its release that took advantage of newer features of GS/OS, but it's worth trying to see what works.

Macromate and Roger Wagner Publishing's other release at the same time, Softswitch, could really benefit from P8CDA. Imagine having AppleWorks, a double-hi-res paint program, a DTP program all running together in Softswitch, and Macromate also accessible from the control panel? Potentially, not a bad setup, even with a IIGS with only 1 meg of RAM.

I've also added P8CDA to my 8-bit Games image, which is a collection of classic 8-bit games that you can run from a hard drive and System 6. You could already boot this image (or use it through System 6 and DOS 3.3 launcher to play 8-bit games via the IIGS Finder) but now you also get the great little desk accessories 'BW' (which changes colour hi-res to black and white hi-res and a neat shortcut to changing the IIGS speed to fast or normal without having to go into the inbuilt control panels, and then speed, and then to tunnel out of those options to exit again. In addition to this, I've also included the recent ProDOS hacks that qkumba has done, including Conan, Karateka, Impossible Mission II, Lady Tut, Mr Do, Moon Patrol, Swashbuckler to name but a few.

But wait, that's not all! Antoine has also supplied a rare Hyperstudio Clip Sounds bundle – including 2 disks worth of great sound effects I'd never heard before on the IIGS and also some XCMDs to use in your own stacks. It even comes with the manual! Antoine's also been able to supply the manual for Hyperstudio Clip Art, which has nicely revealed it was Donald McIntosh who created all the clip art. While doing this, I noticed I didn't have the 'active' flag set for the Triad Venture Hypermedia extras I included to the site a couple of years ago - whoops! These are now visible from the Hypermedia category on the site.

UPDATE: Thanks to Antoine, the commercial release of P8CDA, including its manual, has been included in the archive as well. It now also allows the loading of INITs, as well as CDAs. Wonders will never cease!