03/11/1999: ShrinkIt Archive Additions and other Udpdates

The ShrinkIt! archive is now online! Owners of real Apple IIGS machines are now able to download each archive to use on their real equipment. It is recommended that when downloading the ShrinkIt! archives, that you force your browser to download to a file, by either selecting the command by the contextual menu that appears when the mouse button is held down or using the right mouse button. Alternatively, hold down the option key on the Mac and click on the link and for the PC, I believe it's shift.

There's a whole new bunch of updated thumbnail images: 4th & Inches, Jack Nicklaus Golf, Shanghai, Hunt for Red October, Tower of Myraglen (thanks Lachlan Arnott), Roadwar 2000, Mini Putt, Space Quest 1, Paperboy (thanks Michael Bradley), Monte Carlo (thanks Frank Bannon) and Qix (thanks to myself on that one).