17/06/2019: Sifting Through Applesauce to Find Little Golden Nuggets

If you haven't heard about John Keoni Morris's Applesauce yet, well, it's THE best way to create disk images. Why? It records a disk image at the magnetic flux level. To cut a long story short, this means you can create disk images (in the new .woz format) that include the original copy protection, but the program is none-the-wiser it's a copy because it's utterly perfect. Some emulators, like Virtual ][ and Open Emulator, support the new .woz format, and some hardware does too – the FloppyEmu and WDrive do (alas the CFFA3000 does not and is unlikely to).

The Applesauce is a hardware solution that plugs into your Mac (currently, the software is Mac only) and you plug your 5.25" or 3.5" disk drives into that device. You'll need to fit a sync sensor to your classic drives to record flux level detail when imaging disks. Using the Applesauce software (which is really fun to play with with the resulting .a2r and .woz files even if you don't have the hardware like me), you then specially make these disk images.

Antoine Vignau, being a renaissance man, has scanned a rather large collection of 3.5" disks for both the IIGS and 8-bit Apple II software since the format has been in developement for support in Applesauce. His efforts can be downloaded from the Internet Archive as the raw .a2r files from the Applesauce. Using the Applesauce software myself however, I've been able to convert them to 2images for general use. This means that anything copy protected won't work, but I've found some great little nuggets sifting through this collection that haven't been widely archived before.

Notes 'n Files v1.3 (I have NO IDEA what's changed in the newer version apart from the About dialogue) and a demo of version 1.0 (although the demo looks like it's copy protected!) has been found, with only v1.0 having been archived before.

Softwood GS File now has a v1.0 demo version attached to it, in French no less! Note that it doesn't work with the Sweet 16 emulator, just like the original v1.0 full version.

I also played with new images of Art and Film Director, the animation software from Epyx. Alas, nothing seems to be different from what's on archive, but it did make me think to try of moving its folder on the  Productivity & Visual Creative 32meg volume to the root directory as a possible fix for the Film Director component not running from a hard drive...and it now works! That and the newer version of Notes 'n Files is now available on this volume.

Salvation Supreme v2.0 came as a surprise – The core apps for virus checking, storage repair and optimisation are the same versions, however, the Bakkup app is now at v2.0 and supports back-ups to tape drives. Additionally, Wings, the Finder launcher alternative previously released as its own stand alone package, has been updated for System 6.0 with the Supreme bundle, previously it was incompatible with it. So another particularly nice find!

Graphic Writer v2.0 has been found and archived. Not to be confused with Graphic Writer III v1.0 and v1.1, this is the version inbetween, still maintained by its original author, Gary Crandall, before Seven Hills took over distibuting the product.

Rocky's Boots v4.1, the well known and respected Learning Company eduware has been archived and this may be the last version ever produced. Amazingly, it didn't include any copy protection and works from a hard drive without any modification. So I've included that on my 8-bit Eduware 32meg disk image.

And for classic AppleWorks fans, I've found these utilities for AppleWorks 4 and 5: Grids+, One Touch Commands for AppleWorks 5 and WaitLess Print Buffer for AppleWorks 4 have been added to the classic Appleworks .zip archive - now a whopping 19.2meg including everything I've been able to find relevant to the venerable productivity software suite.

Hopefully this will be the start of people being able to archive II and IIGS software that can be passed on to those that can crack it, without having to send the original 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks. There will be more to come.