26/01/2016: Skate or Die and Pirates now ROM03 compatible! Marble Madness can now be finished!

Antoine's been creating fresh cracks (all of which I hope to collate to include in this archive but at the moment I'm pressed for time as I've started the process of moving house) for IIGS games, apps and educational wares for which there have already been working cracks, but doing it again from Antoine's available original disks yields some pleasant results not previously available.

Skate or Die is now compatbile with the ROM03. Antoine's disassembled the program and tried to make code more efficient, but reassembling has resulted in a few issues themselves that will need more time to iron out. In the meantime however, we have a newly cracked version of the game that will now work on ROM03 machines, but will still need to booted from the early version of ProDOS 16 provided on the disk image. It's not System 6 compatible, that's for sure.

Additionally, a fresh crack of Marble Madness has been made. I'm particularly happy about this because in the last couple of years, I noticed that the game wasn't going to let you complete it because the disappearing bridges at the very end of the game wouldn't display properly - an obvious glitch, but caused by a bad crack or a bad disk that was cracked and then propagated? At any rate, it's now fixed. Alas, System 6 and hard drive installation compatibility is not likely to be forthcoming Antoine hinted.

Also, Pirates! now works on ROM03 IIGS. This is the Man-o-war version, and I received it a couple of years ago and I can't remember who submitted it! Anyway, the included docs state that this rewrite uses more memory if its available and doesn't require a separate save game disk. Undocumented, however, is that it also works on ROM03! Happy days!

I hope to report back on other enhanced versions of cracks as Antoine makes his way through cracking all his original IIGS disks...