09/06/2014: Sound Discoveries – A Discovery in itself!

Even after all this time, we're still finding IIGS software that's never been archived.

A little while ago (yes, I'm still catching up with posting IIGS software and documentation submissions) Antoine Vignau was the winning bidder to Sound Discoveries -  a bit of an oddity that I had NEVER heard of before (I'll double check the Apple IIGS Buyers Guide, mail order catalogues and software reviews in A+, InCider, A+/InCider, Nibble, etc to see if it was ever mentioned anywhere).

But it's a great addition to educational software on the IIGS - quite unique and different from anything else made in that category.

Much thanks goes to Antoine again not only for purchasing the software from eBay, but then making a complete archive including disk images, cover scan and full documentation available for everyone to enjoy.