11/08/2008: Sweet 16 v2.0 Beta 17 is Released!

Good news everybody!

After first demonstrating the emulator at Kansasfest in July Eric 'Sheppy' Shepherd has now publicly released the latest beta version of Sweet 16 v2.0.

After playing with it for a couple of hours, it's a lot more stable than the previous beta running on my Dual 2.3Ghz G5. I've been throwing FTA demos at it and it's handled them with aplomb, except the Xmas Demo and its border effects. The volume sounds a little too loud, creating a little audible distortion, in a similar way to how Bernie would when you raise the volume slider built into its preferences. But it's a joy having all these demos run without a hiccup in small window as I perform lots of other tasks (such as writing this news entry).

This new version of Sweet 16 is major step forwards! Other features include joystick support (yes!) a new full screen mode and rudimentary TCP/IP support using Marinetti 3.0b1. Congrats to Sheppy!