30/08/2009: Sweet 16 v2.1.3

Sheppy continues to update Sweet 16 and fix those lingering bugs. Version 2.1.3 fixes speed control and further improves emulation performance for PowerPC based Macs. The recent disks menu has been cleaned up as well, making it easier to find the recent disk you're looking for from the list.

Another bug that's been reported and the cause found is a 'key repeat' issue, whereby you may encounter Sweet 16 randomly repeating keys, usually occurring after you make multiple key strokes yourself. The cause has been traced to the 'EasyAccess' system setup init, and disabling it will completely fix the problem. I've disabled the extension on both the System 6.0.1 hard drive image and the image with Taifun Boot that allows you to boot into multiple different versions of GS/OS from the one ProDOS partition, to help prevent the bug appearing again.

Big thanks to Eric Shepherd for continuing to update Sweet 16, a project that yields him no monetary rewards due to the program being freeware.