27/11/2009: Thanksgiving Updates

Why not give an American holiday a spin for providing some much needed updates to ‘What is the Apple IIGS?'. Happy Thanksgiving!

Firstly, thanks to Arnaud Brossard at www.apple-iigs.info, we have two new software inclusions to the archive. Storybook Weaver, an educational program I've been after forever, has been included and a worthy edition it is; it takes terrific advantage of the IIGS by way of following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, is System 6 compatible, hard drive installable and uses great graphics. The IIGS's resident cracker, Antoine Vignau, very kindly removed the copy-protection scheme for Storybook Weaver. Incidentally, there is another Storybook Weaver program for the IIGS called ‘Storybook Weaver: World of Make Believe' which was reviewed in GS+ back in their Sept/Oct 1992 issue. If anyone has any information on that title, it would be greatly appreciated.

The other new inclusion is Drive Cleaner. Released by Seven Hills Software in 1992 it came with not only IIGS specific software but a blank (and I mean really blank with no magnetic media inside) disk with which you used the included cleaning pads, placing them in the disk shell and applying cleaning fluid to the exposed area of the pad. The software would specify a certain amount of read rotations of the drive and in the process, cleaning it. The software is provided as is and you may be able to use it with other brands of 3.5" disk cleaning products, but ‘What is the Apple IIGS?' won't be held responsible if it screws up your 3.5" disk drive!

Expect to see a larger collaboration between www.apple-iigs.info and ‘What is the Apple IIGS?' by year's end.

In other exciting news, Ken Franklin, creator of perennially fun classics One Arm Battle, Plunder and Milestones 2000, has released One Arm Battle for the iPhone! Buy it now and enjoy turn based multiple player delight on the go.

Making the news yet again, Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe has been up to all sorts of shenanigans. Firstly, he's been disassembling the Sword of Sodan demo and revealing all sorts of interesting clues as to the fabled, never released full game and secondly, he's been busy disassembling the IIGS from top to bottom. Hopefully more news will be revealed soon.

And now for something completely different: an awesome tribute to the demo scene - in Lego!