25/02/2001: The Fairway Version 2.0

Welcome to the Fairway v2.0! New in this update is a new user interface, large sized game box images, a pre-installed version of System 6 on a 4 meg 2image volume, character disks included with Bard's Tale 1 & 2, no broken links, re-proofed text, more promotional images and the inclusion of Easter Eggs for a few games.

Bernie ][ the Rescue v3.0 preview was released around Christmas. A nice present indeed, as its primary improvements have been made with games in mind - a new full screen mode and incredible improvements to sound.

In other news, Cinemaware has well and truely began work on their next generation of games. They're currently working on Wings for the Gameboy Advance, but their biggest game in development is Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown. I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing, in that this request isn't relevant to the IIGS, but if Mac users who would be interested in that game becoming available for the Mac, please visit Cinemaware's site and let them know it's not just PC, Playstation 2 and Xbox gamers that want Robin Hood: DOTC.