22/01/2013: The Treehouse Found!

Brian Picchi has turned up another rare Apple II soft – The Treehouse! Quite possibly the last production to ever come out of your favourite 8-bit Apple II publisher and mine, Broderbund. Although it's not IIGS specific, it comes on a 3.5" disk and marks the end of an era. Brian's also provided a scan of the cover and a scan for the cover for Rampage, another 8-bit title that was released on 3.5" disk.

I promise sometime in 2013 I will be able to add links to the navigation bar to easily take you to the categories of 8-bit games on 3.5" disk and educational software on 3.5" disk. I may even add another category, apps on 3.5" disk as well! In the meantime, use the links above to get these rare wares.