08/04/2016: The Work of the French United Crackers Klan Now Fully Archived

Thanks to the hard work of Antoine Vignau, the complete works of the French United Crackers Klan, AKA 'The FUCK', AKA, Miami Software has been fully archived.

Including the IIGS games they cracked (Chess Master 2100, Pirates!, Strip Poker II, Alien Mind (which has always been included on WITA2GS? as the only cracked version of this classic game), Arkanoid II (with a raft of key strokes for great cheats) and Tunnels of Armageddon) and the demos for which they were well known for (Music on the Beach volumes, 4th Dimension, Hot Cookies to name only some) the archive also includes the programs they developed (ZZCopy and other utilities) and the games they wrote (Reversal, Space Cluster, Space Shark, Teenage Queen and Sensei).

Not only that, but source code to most of these productions is available for all and sundry to take a look at it! What are you waiting for? While you're waitin for the download to complete, read the full history of the FUCK and Miami Software.