10/06/1999: Time for some News

It's time for some news. Thanks to everyone for the compliments since the page's public announcement during Easter. It's really made the site worthwhile. Just remember, I'm open to game, game box and game documentation submissions. Any IIGS commercial game you don't see here - I'll want!

Recent additions to the archive include Out of this World, Beyond Zork, Pick n Pile, Vegas Craps, World Tour Golf and Magic Johnson's Basketball.

The ShrinkIt version of the archive should be online in the near future. I'll keep you all informed.

I've been informed about a universal Sierra AGI Adventure gaming platform interpreter. IIGS users should swell with pride - the project is wanting to use the files from the IIGS versions of Sierra's AGI Adventure games because of their advanced sound and music, which none of the other versions had. For those that don't know, AGI was the platform with which Sierra created King's Quest 1 to 3 (and 4 on the IIGS) Space Quest 1 & 2, Leisure Suit Larry, Manhunter New York and San Francisco, Police Quest, Black Cauldron and Mixed Up Mother Goose. Because of this universal AGI interpreter project, the IIGS version of Manhunter San Francisco would be doubly appreciated, as it is currently not included in the archive.