23/10/2016: Updates! 8-bit Games Collection! Ultima III Box Scan! KidTalk new version! Computer Eyes GS Newer Driver!

I've been making some updates to my 8-bit collection of games, thanks to newly released ProDOS conversions of some classic 8-bit games by qkumba. I received feedback that booting from the 8-bit games volume on any Apple II compatible machine other than a IIGS results in a ‘APPLE IIGS REQUIRED' message and then quitting to the new Bitsy Bye (part of the ProDOS 2.4.1 release). This might indicate that my setup for this doesn't work at all on a IIe or IIc/+, but it's not quite the case. Only a IIGS is required to run the P8CDA program, which allows Classic Desk Accessories to launch without ProDOS 16 or GS/OS booting and that provides some useful CDAs on a IIGS playing with these 8-bit games. But you can still select the ‘Boot.system' to play games with DOS 3.3 Launcher or the ProDOS converted games. If you want the ‘APPLE IIGS REQUIRED' message to disappear altogether, just delete the ‘P8CDA.SYS' executable. I'll keep updating this volume when more compatible games come in, but recent additions include my all time favourite 8-bit game, Airheart (complete with high score support).

Eduardo Correa Lima has provided a scan of his recently acquired fully boxed copy of Ultima III Exodus. Thanks Eduardo, it's now had a little Photoshop pixel dust thrown over it and is looking better than ever!

KidTalk - a new disk image from 4am that features a newer version of the program now works from System 6 and a hard drive and comes with an icon! I've updated the specific archive for KidTalk and the 32meg image including all IIGS specific Reading and Mathematics programs - look in the KT folder for the new version. 4am's also scanned manuals for KidWriter Golden Edition, Storybook Weaver and Storybook Weaver World of Make Believe.

The Computer Eyes GS driver software has been updated to version 3.20, which improves stability while capturing images.