25/04/2013: Updates Big and Small

We now have pull down navigation links to the 8-bit programs on the 8-bit 3.5" disk categories; for games, educational warez and at last, applications as well (although it's a modest start). There are also some brand new categories as well - Unreleased and Vapourware applications, which is currently unpopulated by I'll add a few titles soon, and Special Needs educational software. This section is primarily reserved for the programs of Laureate Learning Systems', who even into the 2000s, was still selling their 8-bit and IIGS specific software. However, they have since stopped selling the software and my email enquiries to them go unanswered. If anyone has any of their rare and valued software, please write in or submit it via the site.

I recently learned that some of the 8-bit game and educational titles on 3.5" disk images weren't working properly with the CFFA3000, and it was the old and buggy (at least with OS X Snow Leopard) program I use, ADFS, for converting between different types of disk image. I've now fixed a variety of titles from these categories so the 2images now work fine with the CFFA3000, so feel free to download each of the images again from the 8-bit educational and gaming software on 3.5" disk if you've ever encountered issues. I might have to look into installing WINE for OS X so CiderPress is available for my disk imaging utility needs.

Speaking of the CFFA3000, if you haven't already got one, why not?! It'll eliminate the need for SCSI hard drives and the Disk ][ floppy drive, but not the 3.5" disk drive for IIGS users, as my forthcoming review of this still splendid card will reveal. It's still the best way to store anything on an Apple II and luckily, R&D Automation have just announced that a third production run of the card will be coming in Spring, hopefully September. Check out the project status and be sure to sign up to be notified when pre-orders are ready.

In the meantime, it's back to updates on this site: The DuelTris limited edition jewel case packaging has been submitted by Antoine. This rarity was mailed out to all those who paid for their shareware fee for this killer version of Tetris.

Jorma Honkanen submitted a scan for the Championship Edition Lode Runner box, which works well with the ACS IIGS only compilation of Lode Runner and loads of extra levels to play with.

Arriving back in Melbourne, unpacking everything and going through some old CD-ROM archives, I came across a scan Algebra Blaster Plus!, that I forgot I had and unfortunately, can't remember who (I think it was an Australian chap who needed to sell his Apple II collection) originally submitted it to me perhaps some 4 or 5 years ago.

I've also made some updates to the Freeware and Shareware games 32 meg volume: a newer version of Carte Primus, grouped the Todd J Wood and Doug Davies' card games together in a folder and added their card converter program, which allows you to add your own designs to all of their card games, found the icon to Operation Lambda at last (how did I ever misplace it!?) I've also updated some icons here and there across all the 32 meg ProDOS volumes. Check em out via the home page and as always, if you can provide an icon for an app you don't see already has one, go for it!

For petrol heads, I've been able to create a fully loaded ‘Play Disk' for Test Drive II, something that I had tried to do in the past, but encountered a very unfriendly MS-DOS installer. That hasn't changed, but whatever voodoo I employed, it now let me add all the extra cars and scenery disks for the game to the one volume, which now means NOT having to swap between each of the individual disks all the time. Now, you can simply load the Test Drive II Master Disk, insert the Play Disk, and enjoy disk-swapping-free driving pleasure. Be sure to read the documentation for more specific info.

Additionally, I've got some extra info on how best to enjoy Captain Blood, the rather challenging adventure game. Check it out at the end of my review.

Andrew Roughan spotted there was a Christmas Songs disk available for Diversi Tune and it wasn't included in my archive. Well, thanks to Antoine again, who recently sent me his own disk images of Diversi Tunes, I happened to come across the missing Christmas Songs...as well as American Folk and Gospel. They're all available from the one easy to download .zip archive. Who's for a sing-a-long?

I've also created a new 32 meg volume, entitled Hardware Apps (~3.6meg). It includes all the software found on separate disk images for each of the hardware items on the site that includes any software/drivers for them. I've also moved the ‘Drivers' directory from the System Add-ons 32 meg 2image into Hardware Apps, as it's more relevant there. It also frees up a *little* bit of space on the System Addons volume, allowing me to include the latest system extensions from Ewen Wannop, the brand new NDA RamRunTime (which allows you to store BRAM settings AND lets you use an ethernet card in conjunction with the Marinetti TCP/IP stack to automatically set to your IIGS' system clock if you have a failed battery). Also available, the v1.0.5 update to the Byte Bagger NDA. Of course, it's always better to grab them from Ewen's own site, as he has made exquisite PDF manuals to go with each of his productions.

As usual, if you come across a hardware related piece of software or driver or any system extension that you don't see on this 32 meg 2image, let me know and submit it.

Last but not least, I quite like the Noirlac | when kevin wins, the planet loses blog. I've been hesitant to endorse it fully, because it doesn't credit where the pixel art filling this digital scrapbook comes from, or which artists originally created it and it's a bit dodgy given Noirlac (or kevin) is making money out of it selling t-shirts. Because of it, I fear to watch yet cannot turn away thanks to my love of pixel art. Make your own mind up. The collection is VERY platform agnostic, you'll see anything from the C64 to the PC88, and even a lot of Apple II stuff, and even... IIGS imagery. The thrill of finding some random pixel of our favourite platform is quite fun :-)