07/09/2008: Utility Updates and Orbizone Goodies

Greetings Programs!

First of all, I need to note that Tony Costa should have been thanked at the time of relaunching the site. He provided innumerable scans of packaging such as the elusive Cryllan MissionSecrets of Bahras and Kaleidokubes as well as many more scans for apps, books and educational software that made version 3.0 more than just a face lift. 

This weekly update includes, amongst other things, updates to the Apps/Utilities section including packaging scans of The Graphic ExchangeFoundation and Six Pack all courtesy of Andrew Roughan. Additionally, a new archive has been created for GS Font Editor when David Wilson submitted a scan of the box, I realised I hadn't included it on the site!

Another omission I made was to neglect including a disk image archive for Visualizer. I have since added a 2image for version 1.08.

For those with more of a trigger finger, you can now enjoy more scenery as you blast everything in sight. Wade Clarke has submitted his own level graphics for the classic Pangea Asteroids clone Orbizone. I'm delighted to report I have egg on my face when I replied to Wade by saying that not many people took advantage of being able to include your own graphics and levels to Pangea's games, because coincidentally, I have found many more graphics and levels for Orbizone rummaging through mirrors.apple2.org.za.

Also, I have included a little detail to some of the most elusive of unreleased games for the IIGS, with what little knowledge we have about those games.

Last but not least, I've correctly changed the release status of Balance of Power to 'Reclassified Freeware' as the designer, Chris Crawford, has made every version available for free.