02/08/2008: Welcome to version 3.0!

This has a been a long process, combining new graphic design, new archives and content, a content management system, a forum (which requires registration, which should reduce that damn spam!) a blog and probably heaps of other things I’ve forgot to mention because there’s so much that’s new. 

I invite everyone to explore the site all over again, because you’re bound to find, for example, many more educational software archives, soundtracks to many games, a hand picked selection of the best freeware and shareware apps and games, a new hardware section AND a new section devoted to IIGS books and magazines.

There are many people to thank for the updated site. Firstly, thanks many times over to Rane Bowen. This guy is responsible for the content management system (Silverstripe, for those interested), finding ways of importing all the data I had accumulated and creating the HTML and CSS templates, based on my Photoshop mock-ups, to visually tie it all together.

Thanks also to Greg Wildman, who continues to support this site by hosting via his web server and also providing great support to ensure the site has the level of convenience it has now.

Also, there are a few people who’ve helped and prodded in the last couple of years since I decided to upgrade the site.

Thanks to Mitch Spector, equally fanatical about IIGS games as myself, for your enthusiasm for the IIGS, the wonderful game soundtrack recordings and expansion card scans.

Thanks also to the Aussie IRC crew, Andrew Roughan, David Wilson and Ewen Wannop (a wolf in sheep’s clothing!) for providing expansion card scans and keeping on the lookout for IIGS related packaging and book material and making scans when available. Robert Spitz has also been very helpful in this area as well. Henry Courbis at Reactive Micro also submitted hardware scans, specifically for the TranswarpGS and Vulcan Gold controller card.

Shaun Olson also deserves a pat on the back, for unwittingly testing the new upload system for the site, before I’d even made it public! Google is just getting too good at listing sites – just how many of you saw version 3.0 of the site before I announced it!? Also Shaun submitted many book cover scans – brilliant!

One last point: If when you load a page and you come across an error message like this:


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don't worry about reporting it. We know it exists and we're hoping to fix it soon! In the meantime, simply hit the reload button until the page loads normally.

Enjoy the site!