26/07/2009: Welcome to 'What is the Apple IIGS?' v3.1!

You might notice some improvements around here:

The content management system has been updated to Silverstripe v2.3 and with it, a new search feature, so you can quickly find that game/app/educational software/hardware/publication as well as filtering specific search results based on different criteria like year, publisher, etc.

Also, you'll also notice we're tapping into eBay - each individual archive will now check if it's available on eBay, as well as displaying the next few IIGS related auctions to go. Collectors shouldn't miss a thing! But that's not all: you can now rate each and every archive on the site, the results of which can be collated for everyone's benefit (especially for newcomers to the IIGS) when finding out what makes up the best of the IIGS.

Last but not least, you'll find some nice aesthetic enhancements as well: apart from substituting that distracting animated starburst in the top right hand corner of the layout with a much nicer banner, the site will now suggest to users of Internet Explorer 6 that, well, it's time to enter the 21st century by way of using newer and better alternatives like Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. This will ensure you're browsing the site the way it was intended, not to mention rendering the pages a lot quicker as well. All of these new features are available now, so why not take a dip into IIGS nostalgia once again?

Once again, a huge round of applause to Rane Bowen for implementing these new features!